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Road & Track Aptera 2e Test Drive

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Road & Track got to test drive the Aptera 2e.  Lucky punks.



With the rotary "shifter" clicked to D3, the most aggressive setting, it's responsive, easily modulated and reasonably quick: Reichenbach says 0–60 mph in under 10 seconds with a 90-mph top speed with its pack of lithium-phosphate-ion-"pixie dust" cells — that last part suggesting that their exact composition is a secret.

But flinging it around the streets near Aptera's headquarters, it seems quicker still, partly due to a go-kart-like agility that's carried off with a surprisingly civil ride....


There's a large hooded digital speedometer and bar-graph battery state-of-charge indicator, along with a central infotainment screen that offers mind- boggling possibilities. Leg- and head room were surprisingly generous for even my 6- foot-3 frame. And safety is preeminent in the Aptera's design — the final version will have both frontal and side airbags. And if there was any doubt about the strength of the composite construction, it was quelled as eight Aptera employees stood on the roof of a development shell. And that was after the shell had gone through government roof -crush testing!


It seems as if the future is here today...or at least come this October.

They've got a slideshow of it too.

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90-mph top speed is not bad and quite normal for hybrid cars considering the fact that it is run by a battery, you should have included a review on how long the battery lasts with this speed. And it is good to know they are performing crush testing to ensure passenger safety, i do hope its car parts can be compared to normal cars with the presence of bumper filler and the like.
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The tests will be standard I suppose, regardless of the style of drive. 

Very litle information is being provided by any of the companies as of date.

The Aptera may or may not even be still alive as the company apparently has major finincial problems.
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