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Free Cloth Diapers...

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I am a regular follower of a blog called The Cloth Diaper Whisperer.  This is an amazing resource for anyone who CD's their babies because they provide a wealth of valuable information on everything cloth.  You can also learn about all of the different brands out there and the amazing stories behind the diapers and how they came to be.


But the best part is, they have a weekly giveaway called Fluff Fridays.  Every week they give a different prize.  Usually Cloth Diapers but sometimes other stuff, like Earth Mama Angel Baby Products.  All you have to do is read & comment on the blog.


This weeks giveaway is 6 Rocky Mountain One Size Diapers (inserts not included).  A $111 value.  What a great way to build up a stash and try something new!


Please mention that you heard about the blog from me.... 

Amanda G.    -



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That's very cool!  I just passed that link along to my cousin.  We just had a really long conversation about cloth diapers.  Thanks for sharing!

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No problem!!!  :)

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thank you just clicked on the link....I'm still in time for this weeks :)
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Thanks for the link - I hadn't seen that site before and we cloth diaper.
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great site, thanks. I am new to the cloth diapering and any info is great.

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"NEW Version Doopsy OS Pocket Diapers available at, OLD version starting at $11.97"

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hi i have 3 babies under 3 and im interested in trying out some cloth diapers????

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Thanks for the tip!

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wow Amanda these sound like great diapers.  I would love to have some cloth diapers, my son out grew his, and I am in school so I can't afford any new ones right now.

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Thanks for the link! I am a new mommy of one and I am trying to decide if I want to go with cloth diapers. There are just so many different kinds and I'm a little overwhelmed.

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I really appreciate your taking the time to educate some of us on products that are better for our children and the earth.

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