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2010 Ford Fusion hybrid gets some rather puzzling rave reviews

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USA Today and Car and Driver reviewed the 2010 Ford Fusion hybrid and raved about its driving performance, claiming it's better than any other hybrid car.


That's all well and good, but then they say things like "Nothing about the leather-lined test car, optioned up from its $27,995 base price to $32,555, seemed economy minded except for the mileage readings. On that score, the Fusion topped the others, turning in a 34-mpg score card for the overall 300-mile test run."


34 mpg is economy minded?  I mean sure it's a lot better than the 25 mpg standard 2009 Fusion, but that's not even in the same league as the Prius and Civic hybrids.  It's not really fair to compare the driving performance of a performance hybrid (which sacrifices economy for power) and an economy hybrid.


But these reviews perferred the Focus hybrid to the Camry and Altima hybrids, and that is a fair comparison.  Still, I'd like to see Ford come out with a car that can do at least 40 mpg.  This is barely even an upgrade from the 30+ mpg For Escape hybrid.

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Simple. Fusion drives better. A car is, after all, a driving machine. Brownie points for saving somewhat more fuel or offering a cargo-friendly hatchback, but driving feel is most important.

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Here's something from 3 days ago in the AP...article called "Fusion sales help Ford gain in US auto market"



Detroit's Big Three is becoming Ford and the other two.


While its rivals stay afloat with billions in government aid, Ford grabbed a bigger slice of the American car market in April with record sales of its fuel-efficient Fusion. Those results pushed it past Toyota to retake its post as the nation's No. 2 car seller.


Even though Ford's monthly sales tumbled 32 percent from a year earlier, it captured 16 percent of the total market. Most of those gains came at the expense of General Motors and Chrysler, which unlike Ford are dependent on federal help.

I've been hearing good things about the Ford Fiesta though.  Well...the one that's not going to be sold in the US anyway.

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I saw all the new Ford cars at the Plymouth Green Street Fair this past weekend, and they are looking good. The fusion was rated at 41 around town. So if the test ubove was all highway driving......


But you also can't compair a car like the fusion to a prius. They are not even in the same league!

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Originally Posted by dana1981 View Post

Still, I'd like to see Ford come out with a car that can do at least 40 mpg. 

They did!  For air conditioned distances it is great- 40 mpg+!!  I don't drive it much since my EVs are so much more local driving fun than that old thing.  A 1994 Ford Aspire!!  Hmm.  Wait-a-minute;  Aspire = Kia.


Oh well -never mind. 

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I just bought the 2010 Fusion Hybrid. I've gone about 400 miles and I'm averaging 43 MPG with about 70%city/30% highway. It's a great drive. The only downside is the small trunk (11.9cf) and inability to fold down the rear seats (battery location), but it's just my wife and I.

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That's some good mileage, KCRichard - looking forward to any additional posts you can do as time goes on since you actually own one.  Let us know how it continues... hope it is great! 

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A thought on the hybrid display systems on the Prius vs. Fusion...


I own both cars, 2007 Prius and 2010 Fusion, and I find the hybrid system display more engaging in the Fusion. The Fusion is more "analog" and gives a more accurate view of battery power and how much peddle can be had while in EV mode, but with the Prius there are bars used to display battery power and nothing to show me how much pressure I can put on the accelerator peddle before the gas engine kicks in. Fusion will also display accessory usage so that it can be managed easier. Also, I enjoy being able to travel up to 47mph in the Fusion, as most of the streets I drive on are at the 45mph limit. The Fusion warms up quickly and stays there. One of the biggest annoyances I have with the Prius is it's tendancy to start the gas engine when one doesn't want it. I would be driving for about 15 minutes (my engine was warm) and get caught at a stop light, the engine would shut off, then the light would turn green and the gas engine would start again but not turn off for a while, and I'm a very consrvative driver trying to wring out all the mpg's I can. I hope Toyota modified the system in the 3rd gen to rid us of that annoyance.


Anyway, the Prius is clearly the most efficient vehicle, and from what I read the 3rd gen is even better than the 2nd. The Fusion is a great entry to the hybrid world, especially from Ford. It's about as efficient as it can get, with current hybrid technology, for such a heavy car. I do believe that if Toyota had the hybrid system display of the Fusion, we could see even greater mpg's from it. We'll see soon enough what the 3rd gen Prius has in store for us.


I'm looking forward to seeing the Volt, if GM makes it!

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And my Prius get 50+ and America falls short once more. 

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As much as I like Ford cars to me Prius is still the best hybrid car. I had a chance to drive my friend's Prius and it was awesome. 

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