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Did you know CFL bulbs are harmful for your child’s eyes?

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When our children study for long hours under a CFL Lamp,it weakens their  eyes and affects their  health. It contains toxic substances like mercury which can lead to cancer. Guess its time for us to go green

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Yes I did know that! CFL's also give off UV light and also flicker alot. This is why you should start switching to LED light bulbs.

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I knew they had mercury, which is why I take precautions with them and never dispose of them in the trash.  I had not heard about them hurting your eyes.  I'd like to look into the LED lights a little more.  I hate to keep spending all this money to switch to newer bulbs everytime a more environmentally friendly version comes out!

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You might find this helpful when picking out LED bulbs.


We also have an application guide on our website as well.


I also do believe we will be extending all green huddler members a year round discount on everything once our current sale is over.


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It is all true that FL and CFL contains mercury, radiates UV, flickers, creates heat (1/3 of filament type bulb).


On the other hand, LED lighting does not use mercury, no UV for regular lighting, over 85% of electricity to light conversion ratio (which is very very high), and does not flicker.


The cause of weakning eye is flickering, which has been greatly improved in the past years and today's FL and CFL no longer bother eyes, except those already worn out. If you want to protect children's eye from flickering, better not to have them watch movie, TV and computer display.


In total, needless to say LED is superior to FL or CFL, but I personally think ther is no rush to change them. FL and CFL are still good products, and very reasonable.

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 I'm reading through the posts and noticing a lot of mention about LED light bulbs.  I didn't see a post as to purchasing them.  Does anyone know who carries them or maybe a link to a site to purchase them.  I know that I would be forever grateful for the information.

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Check out the LED bulbs products section.  Several LEDs have user reviews, and each should have a manufacturer/product link within the specifications.

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We have a pretty good selection at Most the bulbs we carry have been review here in the products section.

If you have questions let us know!

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LED lights have some way to go before they can match the power of even a 11W CFL.  I've got some 12V white LED lights that I use with my solar setup but they are 2.5W and very dim but they are perfect for my movie theatre as a black level light for the projector.  You need some light in a room with a projector as the black level isn't very black on them so if you illuminate the room to the same level as the black level of the projector then your eyes adjust better and you perceive the slightly grey / black image to be darker than it is.  I found incandescents too bright and too orange on a dimmer so the dim but paper white LEDs are ideal.  Just don't try reading a book by them!


The most useful LED lights I've seen are the GU10 replacements but they are very dim compared to a regular 10W halogen GU10 but for a small display cabinet they are ok and are better for the exhibits as the LED ones don't put out much heat and no UV.


Oh yeah, and LED lights without good diffusers can damage your eyes too... The intensity of the point sources can damage your retina through light overload, same as people who get zapped with laser LED pens.  My dad has one of those windup LED torches and we have to keep it away from my sister's kid as she likes nothing better than to wind it up and then put the torch to her eye and stare right into the beam!


I don't like those new LED car lights for the same reason.  They often have no diffusers and high power LEDs that leave dots on my vision for a while if I stare at them too much, especially at night.

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I am personally extremely satisfied with LED bulbs for my chandelier. I bought them a year ago and they are still working as good as new. They are as bright as 40 watt incandescents.
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Don't install the CFL bulbs at close distances. An additional glass cover will prevent the damage from ultraviolet radiation.

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