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Vinegar for natural soap

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So apparently a group of players have moved from using commercial soaps to forms of all natural soap. It seems that they're mostly just rubbing vinegar on themselves, I'm interested in adopting some sort of method like this, but thought I'd want some input from people who are more knowledgable about things that are green and all natural. I found the link here.


Please let me know what you guys think.

Thanks Andy

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That is too funny.  First of all...who knew there were online discussion forums for "players" (although, I suppose if there are TV shows teaching guys to woo women, why not discussion forums).


In terms of using vinegar as a personal cleaner...I've certainly used it as a house cleaner but I hadn't thought of using it straight on my skin. 

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Hey, vinegar cleans everything, so I'm sure it would work great.  My thought, though, is would that make you smell like vinegar??  I'm thinking a vinegar-scented man might be a bit of a turnoff, lol.  Other than that I would just wonder if it would eventualy dry out your skin. 

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I've been trying it out, and I'll smell like vinegar for a little bit afterwards but the smells evaporates after a 10 or so minutes like the board says. My skin was getting dried out so I mixed it with some olive oil and that helped a bit (although it's hard to mix those two because the olive oil rises to the top, any help on solving that problem?). the olive oil has helped substantially.

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So here's a question....katiehmn asked about natural deodorants and antiperspirants.  In my travels across the internet, I've read some recipes and suggestions, including vinegar.  Have you been using vinegar as just wash or as deodorant too?

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You don't need to use vinegar full strength, or even soap.  Here's a good regime:


Dry brush before shower, or in the shower, use those 'scratchy gloves' or 'scratchy scarf'; no soap is ok, even for garden dirt. But if needed, a good but gentle exfoliant is:


Exfoliant Recipe

In a small container, or the palm of your hand, mix about 1/2 each of pure coconut oil and cornmeal.


For shampoo, a vegan bar soap (I like Lush, but would love a recipe if anybody has one). You can get bar shampoos wrapped in tissue paper, negating purchase of product in plastic container half filled with water that gets trucked for gazillions of miles.


 Deoderant Spray Recipe (here's where the vinegar comes in)

  1 part vinegar

  1 part water

   a few dropps essential oil, optional

   put in spray bottle


Skin Cream  coconut oil, or any best quality food oil, like almond or olive. Keeping an aloe vera plant is ok too, as you can slit the leaf and rub the gel that's inside it, on any area that needs a bit of extra attention.




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My wife and I use vinegar for almost all of our household cleaning.  We also use vinegar as a natural hair conditioner and I would guess if you did not want to use anything else you could use it as a very simple hair wash.

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Vinegar is a great cleaner. It does deodorize--it neutralizes odor. No, It doesn't leave a weird smell.The vinegar smell dissipates as it dries. It does disinfect.

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I was wondering these same things when I just read about this on the forum.  Dried out skin and vinegar isn't really a pleasant smell to endure when cleaning or to have on your body...

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