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Phoenix Motorcars EV to hit road in CA early to mid-2008

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Phoenix Motorcars is working on a sport utility truck that can be configured either as a mid-sized 4-door pickup or as a mid-sized SUV.  It is a zero tailpipe emissions vehicle, all-electric with a top speed of 95 MPH and 100+ miles per charge (and 0 to 60 MPH in 10 seconds). 


The company is primarily focused on fleet sales and those are said to be hitting the road in early 2008.  Consumer sales are more limited.  According to the company's website, "In mid 2008, a limited number of vehicles will be released to selected consumers in California." But in early December, they received funding from Al Yousuf, LLC (a Dubai-based investor) which should help their production hopefully!



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Phoenix has updated their website - it looks much cooler now.


According to the website, the Phoenix SUT and SUV go 3.7 miles/kWh.


PG&E power emits 0.52 lbs of CO2 per kWh, so that's 0.14 lbs CO2/mile = 40 g/km.  In comparison:


iMoto2 Verde scooter: 8.5 g/km

Phoenix SUT/SUV: 40 g/km

Tesla Roadster: 50 g/km

VW Golf TDI hybrid: 89 g/km

Toyota Prius hybrid: 104 g/km


For the average US power grid, basically multiply the EV CO2 emissions by 2.

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It looks like Dana's link to Phoenix's website had a typo.  Here's the link:

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Whoops yeah I fixed it now, thanks.

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The website now says ..."will release a consumer version of its zero-emission, freeway-speed, green vehicle in late 2008." 


There are so many EVs listed here, yet only a few are truly available to purchase today.  It would be nice to have an "Available Now" checkbox that could be filtered on for this category, since there are (unfortunately) so many vapor-ware products and missed deadlines.


Here is the list of EVs that I know of that you can buy right now:


Tesla Roadster

Myers NMG

Vectrix Scooter

Zenn NEVs

Miles NEVs
Dynasty NEVs

Zap! NEVs

All the others are "coming soon", where soon is in the range of tomorrow and never. I would prefer to see the "coming soon" stuff not even listed as I think they distract people from what they can buy & discuss (the point of this site ,right?), but I'll settle for a method to filter them out since people would keep trying to add them.


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Awesome suggestion (and something we've been tossing around in the office). The most glaring example is in EVs - I'll see what we can work out to make them filterable in the short term while we'll implement a longer term, cleaner fix for the issue.


Thanks Celtic!



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Just a quick update on this issue, we're pushing new code up tomorrow night and that will include the filtering capabilities to distinguish currently available products from those "coming soon."


We'll then be using that spec to display a "Not Yet Available" or some such prominent stamp on the product pages soon so it's clear. Hope that works!

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Cool, I like that idea.  Nice work!

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Ok, so I implemented the filters for the you can click to filter NEVs vs. Highway speed and see which ones are Available, Limited Release, No longer available, and Unreleased


Should be a start, we'll try to call it out more prominently on product pages soon. Thanks!

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Also, the Spec of "Release Status" is available for all forms of transportation, so we can apply similar filters to Scooters/Motorcycles, etc.


Click the specs tab, click Add New Row and it should be available.

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Great job.  I just tried out the new filters and they work great.  Good job populating the new data fields too.

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I would so love to have one of these cars!  Its about the only one that fits a family and can go the long distances we rural folk need.

Too darn bad that it is 50 thousand dollars!! To rich for my blood.  It projected that it would take 9 years to break even on the money vs our current Toyota.

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