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Bring the Mitsubishi i MiEV to the US

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Here's an article from AutoblogGreen (Feb. 21, 2008).  For a quick link to the petition to bring the i MiEV to the US, click here.



The Mitsubishi i-MiEV is one of the most exciting pure-electric projects discussed by a major automaker. For one thing, the numbers being tossed around for this city car are astounding: something around 100 miles per charge (depending on driving style) and 1,000 vehicles that might be ready for sale for €17,000 ($24,800US) in 2009 or 2010. The trouble is, for American drivers, that these vehicles are only going to be available in Japan and Europe (so far, Mitsubishi has only said "maybe" to U.S. sales of the i-MiEV).

So, what's the answer? An online petition organized by one Ben Robeson and tipped to AutoblogGreen by Steven L. The petition encourages Mitsubishi Motors North America to bring the i-MiEV here because "the American public is ready for this type of vehicle" (read the full text after the jump or sign on here). As Steven wrote to us, this call won't have a lot of impact unless there are a few thousand signatures, which might take a while. I can't tell when the petition was put online, but it currently has just 75 votes.


(Source: AutoblogGreen)

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Just an update, according to Green Car Congress and Ecogeek, Mitsubishi is planning to bring the i Miev to the rest of the world.


Here's an excerpt from Ecogeek:


"The Mitsubishi i-MiEV is a cute little car that (we'll be honest) we didn't really think would make it into the real world...But Mitsubishi has proven us wrong, with plans to take the i-MiEV "global" (Europe, N. America and Japan) in 2010. We imagine U.S. yearly sales won't break out of the thousands for a while, but as for a major motor company bringing an all-electric vehicle to market in the U.S. (again), it looks like Mitsubishi wins."


(To read the whole article, head on over to Ecogeek)

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Yeah it's cool to see a big automaker developing a fully electric vehicle.  Pretty nice specs on the i MiEV too.  Same range and speed as the Miles, Alias, and Aptera, but potentially cheaper.


Looks like a pretty tiny car - not that I mind personally.

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Yeah.  The i Miev could be great.  Let's just hope it doesn't get delayed.  2010 is late enough.

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How can you not support something that makes children so happy? Unfortunately this isn't on YouTube so I can't embed it just yet, but still worth taking a look at...definitely hinting at production:


Thanks for the tip AutoblogGreen

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You can watch a movie of an i MiEV driving around NYC if you've got iTunes here.

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Another update:


Around 200 cars will be available in the UK at first, with final costs yet to be determined. A Mitsubishi spokesperson the cars might not be sold outright, but be leased at a cost of around £750 a month.


That seems quite expensive, it comes to about $1000, even more than the lease for the Mini-E.  But I guess it has to start somewhere.  At least the specs look awesome!

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Holy cow that's an expensive lease.  That doesn't make sense to me.  Mitsubishi was talking about a sales price of around $25k.  That would correspond to a lease of somewhere in the $200-300 range, I think.  Nowhere near $1000.  My Prius was in that price ballpark, and my monthly payments are under $500.  That's not a lease, it's purchase payments!

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