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The "P" word

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earthlights2_dmsp_big.jpg This image was taken back in 2000.  What will the picture be in the next 50 years?  How can we have a sustainable world with our population out of control?  Will there be enough oxygen, food, clean water, land, etc in the next century?  Remember these are visible lights from space and the dark areas are deserts, tundra, low lite human settlements, and what little is left of our forests. 

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Those images are definitely eye opening.  And population is a HUGE issue.  Dana posted this thread about climate changes impacts on food.  And we had some pretty interesting conversation here about population limitations.


Who knows...maybe human population graphs will look like the deer one.....

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I have seen the "deer graph" that you're mentioning. I really wouldn't like things to go there, but given our current food & water systems, it's entirely possible for a new pathogen to reach epidemic status before science can do anything about it. That's one scenario I can't entirely dismiss ...

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