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CD's in boiling water

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I know there are several different methods for stripping cloth diapers, but I don't hear much about the way I do it, so I just wanted to share and see if anyone else does the same.


I use pocket diapers, so when the inserts start to smell and turn yellowish, I put them in a large pot (that is used for water bath canning) and pour some hydrogen peroxide over them.  I sprinkle in some washing soda, and let them sit for a while.  Then I pour some water in, to keep the peroxide from breaking down the material.  I let it soak like that for at least an hour.  Then I rinse them, fill the pot until the inserts are covered, and boil them for about an hour.  Pour off the water, rinse, and toss in the dryer. 



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i've done something similar for stains with prefolds. and i've done the same thing but minus the base with vinegar for stripping prefolds. but not quite the same thing :)

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I have not heard of this method before.  Sounds interesting.


I have heard that sunning them does wonders for stains in just a few hours and the sun is also a natural disinfectant.  (We don;t have a fenced in back yard so I have not tried this for fear that someone may run off w/ my diapers). 


I use BG's and I have only followed their stripping recommendations.  However, I have heard that vinegar does a great job at restoring softness so I'm thinking of trying it on my inserts.  (BG does not recommend vinegar because the acidity can destroy the PUL) so I figured if I left the pockets out of the vinegar load, then it would be fine.

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