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Bamboo Bike Project

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I apologize if you all have seen this about a 1000 times.  I searched lots of different strings here and didn't find references to it and thought it might be of interest.


Run, in part, by a friend of mine.  Kind of interesting concept where the idea is to use discarded bicycle parts and build frames for those parts out of native materials.  The idea being you provide inexpensive transportation that is more sustainable than building motorcycles or automobiles.  The guy who came up with the frame design is Craig Calfee.  For his day job, Calfee makes very high end carbon fiber composite bicycle frames.  You can see his more expensive offerings at Calfee Design, which you can find with a simple google search if you want.  I'm reluctant to add that link since I don't want to be accused of posting this simply for a product placement. 


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Very, very cool concept - thought a pic might be helpful too:



I love these types of businesses that are making a difference in 3rd world nations in an intelligent, sustainable way. Have you ever checked out the mission of Tom's Shoes? Obviously not the same, but certainly a very intelligent way of solving dire problems. Thanks a lot for the post.

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Yeah that's a really cool idea.  Bamboo's like a wonder plant - it can do everything!  Clothes, floors, bike frames, panda food, etc.

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