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Toss out the baggies, fold up the foil, Kids Konserve packs green lunches/snacks with style and eco-friendly reusable products for a clean conscience.  Stainless steel containers, bottles, and more!

Kids Konserve products are Non-Toxic, Non-Leaching, BPA,PVC, Phthalate, and Lead-free!


15% discount off entire order - enter ecohuddle at checkout.

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I love this thread!! Clearly I do not spend enough time on this site :-D  That'll be changing real soon because I want to scour at least the last page of these posts and see what deals I can still get! 

I am just now today launching a new business, Save the Purse, where members can get eco-friendly goods for wholesale prices. Membership is $10.95 a month, cancellable anytime, and for the first month I'm donating any and all profits to the local food bank. (They have some insane deals themselves - their virtual food drive can turn that membership fee into 200 pounds of fresh produce for hungry people!!)

I am loving the "tell people about the business" phase I am in, because I get to see how good the deals I managed to research and set up actually are. And I thought this might be a good place to share some.

Bulk buys:
- $1.30 each for 23-watt compact fluorescent lightbulbs when you buy a case of 25 bulbs (save 79%) 
- $4.59 each for 48-ounce bottles (not the usual store-sized 25 ounces) of Seventh Generation "Free and Clear" dishwashing liquid when you get 12 bottles (save 82%) 
- 58 cents per bar of SaVON DeLuxe all-natural, non-toxic soaps in lavender, almond-oatmeal, and rosemary-mint when you get a pack of 24 bars (save 54%) 

Regular buys: 
- Bamboo bath organizer for $18.82 (38% off - not as big a discount as I like but it was such a super-cute little caddy with ceramic cup, soapdish, toothbrush holder, and so forth) 
- Touchless infrared faucet sensor helps you save water by turning it off when your hands, glass, toothbrush, or dishes aren't under the faucet, for $23.25 (77% off) 

And I am adding stuff all the time. Oh, and I pay for carbon offsets to make up for the shipping.

Next I should come up with a special deal for people who give me feedback about what kinds of products they would like to see on the site....

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Got some green deals & giveaways today....

Head to Night Owl Paper Goods to save on eco-friendly Valentines.

Win an Eco Baby Hessnatur Organic Clothing Starter Kit! - Includes an exclusive set valued at $125 - an Organic Cotton Starter Outfit (complete with a romper suit, jacket and cap), an Organic Cotton Wrap Bodysuit (long-sleeved, kimono style wrap available in an array of serene colors) and a 2-Pack of Organic Cotton Rompers (available in sweet light blue/green or orange/rose color combinations.)

Get the Mambo Sprouts winter coupon book for your local area - usually many organic and natural products are included.

New Whole Foods coupons.

Plum Organics baby food 10 for $10 - a great deal.

Win a free Tarte cheek stain - which by the way is awesome stuff.
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Win a copy of Bag Green Built by Jen Pleasants. Enter here.
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With the coupon BLOG10 you get 10% discount to shop at eco-friendly boutique

Also on FB we have some great deals -!/pages/LinenKids/65936478766
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Save 10% on Minnesota made products and our new soy aromatherapy candles. Use coupon code: mngood. Valid through March 31st.

Take care and have a great day!
Eco friendly products for people & pets.
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To get involved, learn more, and find great activities to celebrate the 40th Anniversary click here.

15% off at coupon code valid until April 30:  earth15
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I joined in order to buy Sprout Baby organic baby food as my soon-to-be 7-month old son needs greater variety in his diet, and I got a referral code that will get anyone 15% off anything on the site (not just food but feeding and toys and a bunch of other green baby and kid products).

Visit and happy shopping.  Enter SB003405 in the promotion code box on the checkout page.  I get credit and you get a discount!  Woohoo!

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I'm an Esthetician (Skin Care Specialist)I used to own a Green Day Spa, but went out of business last year due to the horrible economy.  I just started a website where I review eco-friendly skin/ body and fair trade productsI look for small business with great affordable products.  I am open to any suggestions for affordable options to personal care, I don't believe you need to spend tons of money to take care of yourself and the planet : )  My website is I add new things to it almost daily.  Thanks!
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box.jpgThe Cool-n-Save ac misting system is now available through Save $5 off the maufacturers price and get free shipping too. Recently seen on "Living with Ed"
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MammaMichal's Freshly Made Body Care Products has a stocking stuffers special good until December 5th:


Stocking Stuffers Special!

Black Friday weekend? How about three weeks of Stocking Stuffers Special? :) MammaMichal's is happy to announce our stocking stuffers special: 25% off all of our 3 oz. products and smaller (meaning: herbal healing salve, muscle rubs, Arnica Massage Oil, aromatherapy body lotions , aromatherapy bath salts and of course our crowd pleaser lip balms). S&H: $4.95 no matter how many of them you buy!
This special is good from today November 18 through December 5th within the USA.
E-mail your order to and mention "Stocking Stuffers Special". Happy holidays! ♥


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Hi there,

Here is a fantastic site where you can get a step by step guide to building your own solar panels very cheaply. There is also a free 'build your own wind turbine' guide too. I've built both myself and it was really easy to follow as I'm no expert at DIY. It's helping the environment and saving me money. Enjoy!

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A new special at MammaMichal's Freshly Made Body Care Products: Lipbalms Tester package: 3 lipbalms for $10.00 with free shipping within the 50 States of the USA!

"Say so long and good riddance to dry and/or chapped lips. Hello soft and moisturized lips.
 MammaMichal’s lipbalms are one of our best sellers for a reason. Find out your favorite by buying the tester’s package: 3 lipbalms for $10.00 (Rosy lips, chocolate mint and peppermint/spearmint lipbalm: 1 of each) or 4 for $14.00 (rosy lips, chocolate-mint, spearmint and peppermint lip balms: one of each) with FREE SHIPPING within the 50 States of the USA."


Also, MammaMichal's New Beginning package for pregnant and nursing moms has been supersized!


Are you pregnant or nursing? Do you know a woman who is pregnant or nursing and want to pamper her? MammaMichal's New Beginning package includes our therapeutic Peri-Preparation Arnica massage oil (2 oz.), all purpose first aid herbal healing salve (2 oz.), our therapeutic and relaxing aromatherapy floral bath salts (3 oz. in a beautiful handmade glass bottle), spearmint lip balm (0.15 oz. lip balm tube) and an elegant MammaMichal's Lavender or English Garden Lotion (8 oz. pumptop bottle). All this for only $50.00 (valued at $79.00) FREE SHIPPING!*

It's the perfect gift for any new mom or mom to be!

Order your New Beginning pack for your special and very lucky new mom or mom to be today!

*Free Shipping applies within the 50 States of the USA."

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Get Best Deal on Smart Jacket for Dogs @ ModernEcoHomes

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This is a brand new offer from miessence. Get a lifetime 20% discount on miessence products when you become a miessence Lifestyle member. This comes into effect October 2011 icon14.gifbiggrin.gif



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