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Green deals and steals: post them here!

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Many folks talk about how green products cost more.  But so often, you can get great deals on organics and eco-friendly products that really help your wallet.  We've already got a few resources on the subject, like KayMMIV's list of freebies and a wiki on how to go organic without going broke


But if you hear of a great sale, discount, coupon, freebie, etc...feel free to post it here!

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Baby / Kid / Mom Related:


You can get Earth Mama Angel Baby (EMAB) products for nearly half the usual cost on Amazon and you only need to spend $25 to qualify for free shipping where as on EMAB's web page ...they don't offer free shipping at all...regardless of your order amount.


Target (in store only) offers the lowest price I have ever seen on Belly Bars.  (7.99 / box of 5)  I can't find them that cheap even online.


For cloth diapering:  If you follow The Cloth Diaper Whisperer blog, they have weekly giveaways and special discounts (coupons).

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 We are running a big sale on all of our inventiry: Zap, Cruise Car, and RMartin.  Get GREAT deals on fully electric vehicles at WWW.ETARKANSAS.COM.  Factory and dealer rebates! 

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Special for February from Irie Star and Blissoma!

We are having a "Send a Cupcake, Show You Care" campaign through the end of February.  30% of all Cupcake Soap sales through  will be donated to the Breast Cancer Network of Strength through 2/28/09. 


There is also a special "Cupcakes" gifting application on Facebook that allows friends to send each other cupcakes for free.  This helps raise awareness and caring.  Just search for the Blissoma page or Cupcakes application to find it.

We especially encourage you to send Cupcakes to Cancer patients and survivors to show them you are thinking about them. Love is so important in surviving this terrible disease and a positive attitude can make all the difference. Remind them you support them!


Visit to make a real cupcake soap purchase.  We currently need to sell 160+ more cupcakes to reach our donation goal, so your help really makes a difference! 


Need a Valentine? Send a Cupcake! Friend have a bad day? Send a Cupcake! They are for all occasions.


Julie Longyear

Irie Star



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Looks like GreenLoop is having a sale!  This comes from their email newsletter:


30% OFF Lingerie and Wallets for Valentine's Day 2009.  USE CODE: VDAY09

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More sales...this one comes from Nau.


Today marks the beginning of our End Of Season sale. Our Spring 2009 product will be arriving at the beginning of March but between now and then check out the men's and women's Sales and Specials section of our site and you'll find significant savings. New sale products include the men's Merino 2 L/S Polo and the woman's Merino 2 L/S Henley. Additionally, products like the men's Variegated V-Neck and the woman's Down Shirt that were 30% off are now 50% off.

We're calling it a progressive sale. Quantities are limited. As they're depleted we'll reduce prices further on select items, up to 50% off or more, so check back frequently to find the latest deal. If you see something you like grab it now, or hope that the style, color and size you want will still be available if you wait for bigger savings. Your choice. Have fun.

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I love the style of these clothes.....  thanks Stins  :)

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 NerdSeven is having free shipping on items $50 or more.  Brought myself a Hymini deluxe and bike mount for my bike.  Can't wait to try it out.

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Many homeowners, developers and Green Realtors can now advertise energy efficient properties on a Green MLS website dedicated exclusively to only green homes.


Actually edited by humans, so there's no greenwashing.

Seen on over 77,000 Google pages and visited by over 20,000 a month.


#1 on Google under "energy efficient homes for sale", among many other green search queries. 


Visit now :

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My favorite is the eco-me home kit. 50% off in February. 

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At the Taste of Green event, Sjaak's Organic Chocolate was kind enough to give us a coupon code just for Huddlers!  From now until April 12th, 2009 you can get 10% off all orders at - just enter in coupon code: huddler10 - and you'll be all set!  I actually just ordered about $20 worth of chocolate..mmm....

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Originally Posted by stins View Post


At the Taste of Green event, Sjaak's Organic Chocolate was kind enough to give us a coupon code just for Huddlers!  From now until April 12th, 2009 you can get 10% off all orders at - just enter in coupon code: huddler10 - and you'll be all set!  I actually just ordered about $20 worth of chocolate..mmm....


mmmmm chocolates, and fair trade ones too.  Can't pass that up!

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I don't know if any of you are marketing managers or retailers, but we offer a wide range of eco friendly bags that come in all types of shapes and colors. Very affordable while still being durable. Ideally, with products like this we can save the enviornment and make sound business sense. Let me know if anyone is interested, or get in touch through the site.


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Going Green doesn't have to cost am arm and a leg!  Do you have an outdoor area or path that needs a little illumination?  Visit Peot Solar Wind and take have a look at our SOLAR landscape lights, path lights, spot lights, post lights and more!  Everything you need to light up your yard or outdoor social area for spring and summer!  SAVE UP TO 30% and get FREE SHIPPING ON EVERYTHING!!  Hurry while this offer lasts and stock up for your spring landscape decorating! 




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Whole Foods is giving away 11 Energy Star fridges!  They've got their "Recycle Your Old Fridge" Sweepstakes going on until April 30th.  All you have to do is be over 18 and submit your name, email, etc and wait for your Bosch Evolution Energy Star qualified refrigerator.

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That's awesome.  PG&E does (or did) the same thing for low income families in an energy efficiency program they were running.  Back before I got my job but after grad school (about 3 years ago), since I was just mooching off unemployment, I qualified for the program.  Got some good stuff like a bunch of CFLs, water heater blanket, insulated some air leaks, and they replaced my fridge with an Energy Star version.

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Here is a 5.00 coupon for any green products purchased at is a new eco friendly on line boutique.


Here is a 5.00 store wide credit if you use GREEN in the coupon location at check out.


Hottest Products:

1.  Worlds only Ech2o Stainless Steel Filtered Water Bottle, it lasts 100 gallons of water, replaces approx 750 plastic 1/2 liter water bottles and is great for tap water, lakes, streams and rivers.

  • Aesthetics: unpleasant taste, odor, clarity, chlorine, sand, sediment and Radon 222.
  • Biological: Pathogens such as cryptosporidium, giardia & other cysts and spores.
  • Chemicals: toxic chemicals, detergents, pesticides and other harmful industrial and agricultural wastes.
  • Dissolved Solids: heavy metals such as aluminum, asbestos, copper, lead, mercury and others.

2.  World's 1st stainless steel Baby Bottles

  •  BPA free
  • light weight
  • dishwasher safe
  • won't break like glass


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Special on EarthLED ZetaLux and Evolux LED light bulbs!


This comes from Mark over at EarthLED:



We're also celebrating EarthDay and the one year anniversary of our EvoLux in a big way by offering 50% off our ZetaLux and EvoLux with the purchase of one or more bulbs.

Just head over to EarthLED for more details.

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Hi everybody.

We have developed a good led spot:

LUMEN: 1400

WATT:       12 at 110-230vac

DEGREE: 60° or 120°


DIMENSION: 120x110mm or 120x55mm

LENSES: special treated glass

COOLING: 70% over the needed


CE and RoHS certifications


We are building our website with pictures and movies but you can ask me at

Only for you shipping free!!!

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A company selling something with a gmail address - no references of any kind - that just 'developed' a LED bulb?


Also covered all forums that had anything to do with LED's in a few minutes


But at 96 euros per bulb shipping is free!


Thanks but I think I will stick to known companies with a track record.

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I am a customer of a truly green company that's kind of set up like Sam's or Costco.  They sell everything all natural, from make-up to laundry detergent.  Also, it's not just wholesale, you can buy individual products as well.  I love it!  It's saved me about $42 so far for this month, and the cleaning products are really concentrated.  Let me know if you need more info.



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we are on and

The work for the websites is in progress but in a couple of days we'll show you photos and video of these "state of the art" led spots.

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BOGO & $20 off $40 @ Gurney's (good for grabbing those plants you haven't gotten/found yet this year)

good morning


We haven't been able to find ever-bearing strawberries ANYWHERE!!!! So I finally started looking around online after breakfast this morning but have heard so many horror stories I wasn't sure where to start. I saw multiple positive reviews for Gurney's so gave them a look and was thrilled to find not only ever-bearing strawberries but that they are on "Buy One, Get One FREE!" Here's a link to the other plants they have on BOGO-

And if you access the site through the link on this page-  that's under the Gurney's Coupons and Coupon Codes heading (not the shipping one, there aren't any shipping coupons so accessing through that link won't help you) you can get $20 off $40 or more (product total must equal $40, not including shipping or tax). I didn't find the coupon til after I already had $40, I don't think that will haven't anything to do with it, but if for some reason it doesn't seem to be working go back and access it again after you have the $40 total.

I thought it was cool though because I bought all BOGO items to begin with and plus the $20 off $40 got us what we figured out would have been more then $100 for $35.69 after shipping and tax. We basically just picked up the plants we would have bought anyways (for more) to finish with the landscaping we are doing this year (some of you know that we bought our house late august last year and moved in sept and the yard is a wreck, we absoulutely no landscaping at all, nothing but grass, and I use the word grass graciously- mostly wheat and weeds). Anyways, we got some more perennial flowers- 6 sweet williams, a couple rose bushes- 2 Hybrid Tea Rose (I know hybrid's a no no, but I'm allergic to roses but like the look and these are suppose to take minimal care and I've heard from others they don't bother allergies as much, so when I saw them for the price I decided to give them a try), some lilies- 2 stargazer & 6 sterling star, and 50 of the ever-bearing strawberries. This is the least we've spent on plants yet and should do us for the year, til next year when it's in place and I can see what needs filled in or altered.

Anyways, I was pretty happy with this purchase and the saving $$$ so wanted to drop a quick post to share in case anyone else could use it. There last order date for spring planted plants is June 8th (Tris' bday! lol)

Anyways, I'm back to the outdoors to do some more outside house/yard work :) hope everyone is having the best weekend!!!


have a nice weekend


A blog where a financially responsible, crunchy, stay at home mom on a very tight budget shares the tips & ideas that help help her family stay afloat & live a green lifestyle. 

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Looks like until May 13th (Wednesday), Fierce Hugs has 40% your order on organic cotton baby clothes (tees and body suits).  The coupon code is HAPPYMOM.  Gotta love Mother's Day! 

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Free Tote Bags, Seeds, Cook Books & MORE!!!

New Green Freebies List!!! Some of these are still active freebies I've posted before just in case the reader hadn't seen them, but most are brand new to the Green Mama Freebie List :)

Tote Bags:
Go to, leave a comment on one of their articles and then visit the link above and fill out the form (use the same email on your comment and the form probably) They will send you a free celebdish tote bag!
Just fill out the form to be sent a free red or green tote bag
sign up to be sent a free tote bag at a later date (undisclosed)

Order Your FREE Vegetarian Starter Kit from peta
Free Easy Vegan Recipes Booklet.

For all you Hallows addicts (like me) while supplies last Kim Harrison is offering free fo a sase (self addressed stamped envelope) a Tomato Seeds packet of the dreaded T-4 Angel strain (it's really beefsteak tomato seeds).
If you have a community gardening or beautifying project this is perfect for you!
Send a sase with a dated printout of the seed offer address page to request free winter seeds. (then you could harvest some of your seeds and send them back to be shared with more people!)
Free tree seeds!
free wildflower seeds sample

Free Sample of Healthy Kids Snack, Dany-Lyon Bites
Join the Underground and include your mailing address to get a special Ovie's Underground club kit with your worm tag, membership card, and coupons for great organic foods.

FREE booklet on herbal supplements
register for Nature’s Bounty Healthy Rewards and receive your free sample of Odorless Fish Oil

Free Sample of Teeccino Caffeine Free Herbal Coffee

I'm sure there's more out there so if you know of any let us know in a comment below. I'll update the list with more as I find them also :)

A blog where a financially responsible, crunchy, stay at home mom on a very tight budget shares the tips & ideas that help help her family stay afloat & live a green lifestyle. 

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Fundraise with all-new Wow Green household cleaning products--manufactured right here in the U.S.! These products are NOT greenwashing--they are truly safe, all-natural, and effective. Our products contain no poisons, are non-corrosive, pH neutral, and they clean with a proprietary blend of enzymes. I'm a wowgreen independent distributor TM and I'd love to help nonprofit organizations while I'm "freeing the world of toxic chemicals, one household at a time" (the company motto...) I am selling Wow Green Trial Packs, containing 5 of the 12 products in our line--the packs retail for $19.99, but your cost is $12.49 each and your nonprofit can pocket the difference. You can email me at for more info. 


Also, if you live in the Silicon Valley/San Francisco Bay Area, I will bring Wow Green products to your home or workplace and demo them for you, your colleagues, your friends and neighbors. I used to be an Independent Consultant for The Body Shop at Home, but our division folded on May 1st, and I'm offering a $25 value The Body Shop Gift Card to anyone who hosts a "Green Your Home" event with 5 or more guests in the months of June or July. Thanks!


distributor logo

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Florida Eco Products are distributors for the Cool-n-Save ac pre cooling system as seen on "Living with Ed" on the Planet Green channel.


Use the code GREENHOME to save $10 off the already sale price of $94.95 with Free Shipping . Offer will last until May 31st 2009 only


Thank you, Paul - Florida Eco Products



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Yoga Magazine Subscription $4.44 a year & Vegetarian Times Subscription $3.94 a year!

These are posted seperatly on the green mama blog- & , since I found the one after posting the first :)

Today if you go to  and click the

logo it will take you to-  where you can order Yoga Journal, 9 issues (1yr) subscription for $5.29!!! Even better if you enter the coupon code 16OFF (expires may 26th) it will make it $4.44!!! I checked to make sure the coupon code worked (found it at coupon cabin). But you can't get a better price then that! Less the 50¢ a magazine!!!

After posting about that deal I was browsing Best Deal Magazines and found the Vegetarian Times Magazine is only $4.69 at Best Deal Magazines right now for a year subscription (9 issues) today also.

Just go to  and even better if you enter the coupon code 16OFF (expires may 26th) it will make it $3.94!!! That's less then 44¢ each!!!

I did notice that you need to enter the coupon (16OFF) after you are done with shopping or you will have to re-enter it to get it to cover anything after it was entered the first time.

It is 16% off the entire order. So if you wanted to order both this one and the Yoga Magazine Subscription for $4.44 a YEAR you don't have to do two seperate orders to get them for the best price :)


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Green Mama on a Budget is great! Thanks!

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Free Organic Gardening Magazine Subscription from Stonyfield!!!


First you have to be a Stonyfield Community member so go here-  and join.

Once you've joined go to  and fill out the form to receive your FREE subscription to Organic Gardening.

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