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ZAP Display in New Orleans

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I saw the mention of the presence of ZAP at the NADA Conference in New Orleans.  It was a success in my opinion.  Here is one brief article.  With Alias, the new shuttle van and the new XL truck, they did a good job, not to mention their new marketing manager, he has been doing an excellent job getting the ZAP name out there on some good looking literature.


Anyways, the Alias was a huge hit.  Very sleek design and very attractive.  As stated in this article above, ZAP will begin production of some "Special Edition" hand-crafted Alias models.  One of these is supposed to be sent to each dealer between the months of Sept and Dec.  The MSRP for one of these editions is higher than their projected price of $35,000, but again, they are special edition.  Then, the following year (2010) production will begin at the assembly plant in Kentucky.  Last I heard, they were looking for a $200 million grant from the government to help seal the deal (it looks like maybe they got something --not sure, will have to do some more research)


I have several photos that I will be uploading to the product page, including some interior shots, although the dash is supposed to be remodeled before production begins. 


Overall however, it is a sharp looking car.  I'm crossing my fingers, but they appear to be moving forward and looking up.



Also on display was the ZAPVAN Shuttle, seats 7 passengers, removable back seats, retro look, and solar panel option.  Plus the roomy ZAPTRUCK XL.

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Awesome photos, srj.  The Alias is so cool looking!  Very Batmobile-like.



So you took those photos yourself at the New Orleans conference?

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HAHA! Nice comparison!  That photo came from an article, I believe it was taken in New Orleans.  The others were taken by my boss, I didn't get to go to the convention :( Someone had to stay to keep the store open.  I'll get to see one later this year though, if they deliver one to each dealer.

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