Zola Acai Superfruit Juice Reviews


Maybe I just got a bad bottle...


Pros: Decent flavor

Cons: Both chalky and gritty, a wee bit sweet for me

When I pay $3 for 12 ounces of volume, I expect a fair amount.  Unfortunately, Zola Acai Juice fell rather short of my expectations.  When it comes to flavor, it's actually pretty decent.  I found it a little sweet at first, but it grew on me the more I sipped on it.  Maybe I got a fluke bottle the first time, but my bottle of Acai Original was pretty terrible when it came to texture.  The liquid had a bit of a chalky feel to it.  It also had these little granules (meaning it was not smooth)...I kind of felt like I had to chew the juice and crush up the granules before swallowing.  If I didn't, I risked having them get caught in my throat and potentially tip me into coughing.  Yeah, that...
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