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Zero Motorcycles: Zero S Street Electric Motorcycle

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Zero Motorcycles: Zero S Street Electric Motorcycle

The Zero S is a high performance supermoto motorcycle that is revolutionary because it is fully electric. Imagine instant torque and power from a standstill. Imagine smooth acceleration as you race out of turns. Then, imagine never needing to stop at the gas station. Developed to aggressively take on urban environments and encourage the occasional detour, the Zero S integrates revolutionary technology with innovative motorcycle design. Using Zero Motorcycles’ proprietary Z-Force power pack and aircraft grade alloy frame, the Zero S features an industry leading power-to-weight ratio that increases its range and top speed. Instant acceleration and a lightweight design enable the Zero S to take on any city street, hill or obstacle. Whether accelerating onto the highway or out of the turns, the Zero S is designed for performance. Our proprietary Z-Force™ lithium ion power pack and handmade aircraft grade aluminum frame combine to form a motorcycle that is the fastest, lightest, cleanest, and most fun. Frame / Bodywork Aircraft grade aluminum is exclusively used in the construction of the lightweight and rigid Zero S twin spar frame. One look at the frame and it speaks for itself. It is aggressive, strong and one of the main reasons that the Zero S can take on anything in an urban environment. Designed to have a low center of gravity, the Zero S is highly maneuverable and responsive. The body is completed using custom injected molded plastics to give it aerodynamics and aggressive supermoto styling. * Frame and bodywork designed from the ground up by Zero Motorcycles * Extremely rigid and lightweight twin spar aircraft grade aluminum frame * Custom injected molded plastics for aggressive styling and aerodynamics * Designed to have a low center of gravity for better maneuverability and responsiveness Zero S Frame Power Pack / Electronics Years of development and proprietary Z-Force™ technology make the Zero S a leader in acceleration, range and longevity. Using an advanced monitoring system, each cell in the power pack is individually controlled during charge and discharge. The onboard charger integrates into this system and uses a specially developed charge profile to optimize the power pack’s recharge time. Using isolated power systems the Zero S uses a standard 12 volt current to run the dash, lighting and other on board accessories. * Proprietary Z-Force™ power pack for increased acceleration and range * Redundant safety features to accommodate extreme conditions * Isolated power systems and 12 volt system for running accessories * Onboard charger that uses a specially developed charge profile * Keyed ignition tied to a solenoid switch for a safe and instant power up Zero S Electric Motorcycle Power Pack Wheels and Brakes The Zero S wheels are engineered to minimize unsprung weight and reduce rotating mass. Designed specifically for the Zero S, the lightweight construction includes custom hubs, spokes, and rotors. To maximize overall wheel strength the hub is configured to use straight pull spokes. The resulting wheel is lighter, stronger and more responsive. * Specially developed high performance wheel set * Aggressive profile street tires * Custom designed hubs for reduced weight and maximum wheel strength * High strength/lightweight straight pull spokes * ‘Shark tooth’ brake rotors for increased heat dissipation * Full float calipers – 4 pot front, 2 pot rear * Custom foot actuated rear and hand actuated front brake Zero S Electric Motorcycle Rear Wheel and Brake Suspension The suspension on the Zero S was developed by Zero to take advantage of the motorcycles’ lightweight design. Its inverted front fork is among the lightest in the industry and can be externally adjusted to dial in compression and rebound damping. A rigid double diamond rear swing arm keeps the wheel planted using a Fox rear shock with a fully adjustable spring preload and easily tuned damping. * Zero designed lightweight front end (lightest in the industry) * Inverted front fork to reduce unsprung weight * Fully adjustable rebound and compression damping on the front * Fox rear shock with adjustable spring preload and damping * Unique double diamond aircraft grade aluminum rear swingarm for reduced weight and increased torsional rigidity Zero S Electric Motorcycle Front Angle Dash / Lights: The dash is designed by Zero to quickly and accurately provide information on speed, charge and motor temperature. In the evening the dash lights up with the flip of a switch and is accompanied by a unique aggressively styled ‘projector beam’ headlight that emits focused light for increased visibility. * Digital and analog speed display * Motor temperature sensor * Unique ‘projector beam’ headlight for high visibility and more focused light dispersal Zero S Electric Motorcycle Headlight Gearing A clutchless one speed, the Zero S is geared for rapid acceleration and increased efficiency. Using a direct chain drive and hardened alloy sprockets the Zero S is able to achieve minimal frictional loss. This increases the overall range and channels power into speed. * Clutchless one speed * Geared for rapid acceleration and maximum efficiency

Additional Features
Fuel Economy City (MPG)
Miles per Charge
Top Speed70 mph
Release DateSpring 2009
Release StatusAvailable
Fuel Type
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC

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