Zenn Motors ZENN Hatchback


Pros: Not bad looking, comfortable

Cons: poor support, charger problems, not much head room

It is too slow at 25 MPH, I installed an after market motor and controller to go 35MPH which was much better. I have heard of several people haveing charger failures, roof cracking, doors leaking, early battery failures (discover brand),. The interface controll module is very inacurate. It tells the speed, and battery guage. It is one of the parts that has hade a high failure rate, and costs about $700 to replace. Many people put in after market battery guages, and are very happy with them.

I LOVE the car when it is working, The problem is I never know how long it will be working before it breaks again.


Pros: no gas to buy, no oil changes, gets attention

Cons: can be slow, a little jerky, fewer features and comforts than comparable gas car

I've been dying for an affordable electric car for a long time now, and the Zenn is the first that I can afford.  It's just perfect for me for many reasons:  I live near work and shopping, so I don't tend to drive as much as most people or as fast (don't need to go on highways too often), I also don't mind a car low on features -- it brings me back to my college years when I had a small Toyota hatchback with no features on it.  I like saving money, though I didn't actually buy it for that purpose.  For the moment, I seem to be saving money indeed, as the electricity to run it is pretty cheap, registration is a fraction of the cost for a gas car, and insurance is affordable.  Haven't needed any repairs yet but it doesn't feel like a car that's built to last even a decade.  It creaks and whines a bit while driving.  Also, I used the kit to let it go 35 mph or more, and found that to be essential to truly enjoying my Zenn.


Pros: no oil (!), comfortable, roomy, high quality build, stylish, fun to drive

Cons: only 2 seats, limited battery range in cold weather

We bought one when our local gas prices hit $4.50 in the summer of 2007. The ZENN has now become our main way of getting around during spring/summer/fall; the Honda sits at home parked for most of the year now. We are retirees, so the 25 mph speed limitation doesn't really affect us. We live in a rural area with very light traffic, so the car is perfect for our uses. The back of the car is roomy enough for a week's worth of groceries and a couple sets of golf clubs. Performance is pretty snappy, up to the 25 mph limit. Braking is assisted by power regeneration, steering and handling are tight and responsive. Heat and defrost are instantly hot, and the stereo rocks. The build quality is excellent, far surpassing our expectations! And our dealer has been a wonderful asset, delivering the car to us from 300+ miles distant and always being available to answer our questions. One very nice feature is the ability to "convenience charge" the car; you can pick up a surprising amount of charge in a relatively short time if your battery pack is below 80% charge. A stop for lunch or coffee allows you to pick up 25%+ of your charge. We've found the wildlife pay almost no attention to the car, so we've seen some cool normally-skittish critters up close and personal. Best of all: we just smile and wave as we drive past the gas station!


Pros: small

Cons: No Range

Dealer replaced three sets of batteries; They just go dead. Range 2-7 miles. For Sale, Handyman Special


Pros: Comfortable, Looks good

Cons: Way too slow

Yes this vehicle is one of the best looking in its class.. However its just another prettied up golf cart until it can go faster than 25 mph. Just put doors on a golf cart and save your money.


Pros: no gas, comfortable, very few repairs, warranty etc

Cons: none except zenn stopping production in 2010

if any of you whiners want to sell your used zenn, pls call me, 713-459-6713

Rick Ehrlich


The new "Car czar," Edward Montgomery will undoubtedly be a fan, as he is set to take an oversight role of the automotive industry since they got so much of our money.  The Scoot Coupe is a three wheeled vehicle that gets almost 80 mpg, and goes up to 55 mph.  You won't need credit repair if you get one either – it retails for under $7,000.  It's manufactured by Panther Motors in Florida, but it doesn't register as a car.  It registers as a motorcycle, and it's perfect for moderate distance transport.  If most of your driving takes place in town, then a Scoot Coupe is right up your alley.  It's set to revolutionize the scooter industry, and it might have a legitimate shot.  It might be worth a no fax cash advance to order a Scoot Coupe.


This is amazing that you can just plug it into a normal household outlet to fully charge in about 4 hours...it gets the energy equivalent to about 250 miles per gallon (check out the additional photo i uploaded). I looks awesome..can't wait to test it! I saw it outside of a Green Motors dealership this weekend, but they were closed! Going to try again this weekend to see how it is inside, too. I'm a little worried that it'll feel flimsy when driving -- but I'll look forward to testing it! I'll update my review when I've had a chance to test it out more....

Zenn Motors ZENN Hatchback

The ZENN’s aluminum-alloy chassis has been tested under a variety or real-world settings and meets or exceeds FMVSS500 standards. Its quality, durability and customer satisfaction are fully established. The lightweight exterior ABS panels are rustproof and dent resistant for long-term durability. With a fully enclosed three-door hatchback, it comfortably seats a driver and a passenger. The ZENN is available with convenience features such as power windows, power locks, remote keyless entry, wipers, defrost, heater, panoramic sunroof and more – yet is surprisingly affordable. And it’s 13 cubic feet or storage carries a lot of cargo. And then there’s the comfort of worry-free operation. A ZENN eliminates the replacement and repair costs of oil changes, oil filters, exhaust system and expensive tune-ups associated with internal combustion engines in regular gas-guzzling vehicles. Brake wear is also greatly limited due to ZENN’s lower driving speed and regenerative braking feature. Available now.

Additional Features25 MPH top speed
Fuel Typeall-electric
Miles per Charge35
Body Type
EV TypeNeighborhood Electric Vehicle
Release StatusAvailable
Release Date
Top Speed
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC