Zap Electric Cars Xebra Electric Truck Reviews


Love this truck


Pros: price and usability

Cons: quality

Unfortunately our local dealer is going out of business, but this allowed us to buy a 2008 Xebra PK for $4000 new and it is awesome.  Well not perfect, but fits our needs very well.  The quality is similar to other reviews, it is similar to a old bug, but good enough.  I am pricing a few upgrades, 84v and PakTrakr,maybe even a new rear spring.  I love this truck already, hope it lasts, it is only our first week.

Better than the competition


Pros: Good speed

Cons: Small Cab

Same payload as a Miles Electric truck, but youre paying over 6000 less for this one and you can go 15mph faster. So its not really a hard choice. Fast enough to take out on city roads to run errands.

Great little E runabout


Pros: Great cargo bed with manual dump feature

Cons: Small cab

This truck is our #1 seller, and owners love them. The small cab is it's biggest drawback, but if you can fit in one it is a great errand runner & even a light-duty work truck.