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A fun car!


Pros: Quiet, clean, fun to drive, never buy gas

Cons: Badly designed, poorly constructed, not very safe

Note: I'm going to begin with the negative stuff. I hope you'll keep reading to the positive stuff, because this car has both good and bad. The Zap Xebra SD is a great idea, very poorly executed. There are multiple design flaws, such as suspension that must be replaced for the car to be usable, a charging system that can damage the batteries, extremely inaccurate odometer, speedometer, and volt meter, near-worthless windshield wiper, the motor is open to dust, dirt, road debris, and water and is mounted just over the axle where it is extremely exposed to all this, etc., etc. And the construction is so cheap that any given part is liable to be defective. The original batteries...
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Loving it ...


Pros: NO GAS!

Cons: Low comfort, charging stations, distance capability

We just bought the car two weeks ago and since having it use it frequently. It works as advertised (good and bad). Get about 30 miles / charge at ~35 mph. Go faster, use more juice, distance goes down.  I use it to commute to work (less than 20 miles round trip). On the weekends we use it for every short trip. I wish we had more charging stations in and around the Chicago suburbs. For now, I am working with local agencies to make such needs a reality. For local trips (<15 miles) and for those people fed up with buying gas, this is an excellent purchase. Keep in mind, it's small and a far cry from the Volvo I owned for the past 10 years. But I don't miss the old car, even as nice as it...
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I like my Zap


Pros: electric, small, easy to maneuver, great for city parking

Cons: battery dies too quick

 I have to say I really like my Zap Xebra. True, the battery dies too quickly (well, I get around 20 miles per charge) and the parts started squeaking way too fast but hey: it's 100% electric! I give Zap credit for what they've done so far and deeply believe they are going to improve fast. 

No more gas


Pros: Small price tag, Not paying for gas, Low Maintinence

Cons: Appearence

Great Electric Vehicle for going to work or trips to the store. Perfect for a second car.