Zap Electric Cars Alias

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Pros: Affordable, Fast, Low Maintinence

Cons: 2 Seats

The three-wheeled Alias, due to go into production in 2009, will have a top speed of over 100 miles an hour and go 150 miles on a charge, according to Zap. It will sell for $30,000.


The Alias will also likely come with a hybrid range extender, a small gas motor that can power the car or charge the battery.


Zap said last year it planned to release a $30,000 electric car in 2009 but didn't mention at the time that it was a three-wheeler.


Zap Electric Cars Alias

General Info * Speed: up to 85 MPH * Intelligent, universal input onboard recharge system * 100% Electric * Range: 100+ miles per full charge * Wheel motors X 2 * Motors: 2 x PML 15.75 inches (400 mm) * 0-60 in 7.8 seconds * Regenerative braking * Computerized power management * Rack and pinion steering * Front wheel drive * Power windows and locks * Integrated GPS system * Theater satellite stereo * 3-passenger Euro-racing seating Safety ZAP-3 Homologated as a motorcycle •Recommended safety requirements to provide enhanced safety features compared with a conventional motorcycle –Seatbelt provision –Vehicle structure features •Roll hoop –Consideration of other enhanced safety features •CAE will guide the development of structural safety solutions Currently, no release date is set. However, Zap Jonway are taking reservations at $99.00 USD, expected mass production for 3rd Quarter of 2011.

Fuel TypeAll-electric plus solar
Miles per Charge+ 100
Body TypeSport or station wagon
EV TypeHighway speed vehicle
Top Speed
Top Speed85 MPH top speed
Release Date3rd Quarter 2011
Release StatusLimited Release
Additional Features
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC

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