Zap Electric Cars Zappy 3 Pro Electric Scooter Reviews


3 wheel fun


Pros: heavy duty construction

Cons: needs a lower gearing to pull hills quicker

I bought 2 of the zappy pro units and they have performed well. The speed is okay and the balance is super. I would like to know more about how it runs to have someone help me change the gearing so it will climb hills. They need to sell more. It makes sense.

Good performance with bigger batteries in 2009.


Pros: Economical, reliable,speed

Cons: no reverse

I bought this scooter last September and had some problems with it: charger did not light up correctly and low power (turned out to be substandard batteries).  Also the little red wheel scraped on the ground under my 230 pounds.  I took it back and he put the red wheel up so it did not scrape.  Also Zap replaced the batteries with more powerful ones at no cost so now it goes farther and faster.  I am much more happy with it now.  I particularly like that it can be a mobility scooter and go on our max train in Portland and still go 15 mph.