Yesterday's News Cat Litter


Pros: recycled newspaper, absorbant

Cons: doesn't last very long

We haven't used Yesterday's News in quite a long time.  As I recall, we only used it for a while because we weren't very happy with the performance.  The newspaper tended to get soggy pretty quick, and then it was difficult to scoop and had to be replaced before too long.


The nice thing is that it's made out of 70% recycled paper, 70% of which is recycled newspaper.  That's pretty cool.  But I much prefer the pine stuff which I think lasts longer and also smells nice.

Yesterday's News Cat Litter

Environmentally friendly Yesterday’s News® is a perfect complement to your healthy home. With superior absorbency*, Yesterday’s News® brand litters utilize recycled newspaper to create safe, odor controlling pellets your cat will readily accept. Yesterday’s News® is virtually dust-free, with no small particles to track around the house, and is recommended by eight out of ten veterinarians** for post-surgical care. Yesterday’s News® brand Original Formula * Unscented – no fragrance * Recommended by veterinarians for post-surgical use* * 3x more moisture absorbent than clay** * 99.7% dust free * Tough on odors * Non-toxic (safe if ingested) * Designed for low tracking * Available in 5 lb., 15 lb., and 30 lb. packages Yesterday’s News® brand Softer Texture * Available in fresh scent or unscented * Softer texture pellets feel more like regular clay * Ideal for everyday use * 3x more moisture absorbent than clay** * 99.7% dust free * Designed for low tracking * Tough on odors * Non-toxic (safe if ingested) * Available in 4.4 lb., 13.2 lb., and 26.4 lb. packages

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