Yes to Carrots Lip Butter Reviews


A natural tasting lip butter


Pros: They have non-typical vegetable and fruit flavors

Cons: Like most lip balms, you must re-apply every now and then

Makes your lips feel moisturized and imparts a subtle flavor/scent.  I have carrot and like the uni-sex quality of the smell although it is slightly sweet.  At times it almost reminds me of carrot cake... but maybe it's just me.

Unusual but nice

I got a sample of this in the carrot flavor and love it! I don't like sweet lip balms and I definitely do not like ones that have an obviously artificial flavor. This one is neither. The taste is definitely veggie like but in a good way, it's crisp and refreshing. It does great things for my lips too!

interesting taste but does a great job


Pros: my lips are happy and not chapped

Cons: interesting taste

I got a sample of this in with an order of some other natural products from I just tried it out for the first time today and it's got an interesting taste (I have the carrot one) I think were I to buy it I would buy one of the other flavors. But my lips are very happy, so it def works :)