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Xepa XP645 Solar Security Lighting

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Pros: Good light coverage. Portability

Cons: Everything else

DO NOT BUY THESE LIGHTS!!  You will only waste your money. They did not provide months of service, let alone "many years of service using environmentally friendly solar power"  They are not a "Green" product when they do not last a year.


The Problem:  The batteries in both units expanded (from about 3/4" to 1 3/8") in width and made the lights completely useless.  

PIC_0010.JPGPlease note:  I have owned these light for more than a year, but did not install them for a long time.  The problems with the lights occurred shortly after I started to use them.  Because I contacted the XEPA more than a year after purchase they refused to be helpful.



The person I talked to at XEPA was completely unhelpful, and told me I had probably "overcharged" the battery.  Overcharging can damage the battery.  The instructions call for the solar panels say "the solar panels should be set in a sunny area where maximum sunlight can be collected."  If these units were properly designed it should be impossible to overcharge the batteries.  


In conclusion:  Do not buy these units as they are a waste of money!


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