X-Treme Scooters XM-2000 Moped


Pros: cheap, fast

Cons: cheaply made, poor warranty service

I've never owned or even seen an X-Treme scooter, but in the process of researching electric mopeds prior to purchasing one, I read a lot of really bad reviews of the X-Treme line of products.

Basically they're appealing because they're cheap, but they're cheap for a reason. They tend to break fairly easily, and service and maintenance are very difficult to obtain. I believe the mopeds come with a warranty, but the manufacturer tends not to honor the warranty.

From what I've read about X-Treme, you're better off paying a bit more for an electric moped from a reliable manufacturer like ZAP or Skeuter.


Pros: none

Cons: check with the Iowa BBB...you'll see

I'll let the poor saps speak for themselves.  Xtremes scooter data is so far out of line, it's funny.

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X-Treme Scooters XM-2000 Moped

X-Treme's XM-2000 Electric Moped complete with 5 batteries the size used in a small car & a 2000 watt brush less rear hub motor. The Electric Moped will reach speeds of 45 to 50 MPH on a full charge & will travel 30 to 35 miles. Can register in CA or FL.

Engine2000 watt brush less rear hub motor
Additional Features40-50 MPH top speed
Fuel TypeElectric
Miles per Charge30
Fuel Economy City (MPG)
Release Date
Release Status
Top Speed
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC