wowgreen laundry detergent


Pros: no- dyes- fragrance free- good for HE

 You do not need a dryer sheet with this product- no static- super concentrated- only need one ounce-
works for HE as well- works in cold water since enzyme based. My kids skin is sensitive other soaps make them break out- this one is great.


Pros: Requires small amount, cold water effective

I love that you only use 1 oz. for a load of laundry. Because the product works using enzymes, it is effective in cold water, reducing our energy bill. Light scent, and leaves clothes soft & virtually static free, without fabric softener or dryer sheets. (The only time I have static is when there are several nylon items, but it dissipates quickly.)


I am sensitive to even brands with no dyes or scents, so a major bonus for me is no itching!

wowgreen laundry detergent

Enzyme based laundry detergent for use in all machines - even High Efficiency. Only a small amount (1 oz.) is needed to clean a load of laundry in cold water. No additional products are required, not even dryer sheets!

Size64 oz.
Additional Features
TypeCold water detergent
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