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Wow Green Auto Dishwashing Cleaner


Pros: enzyme based, all natural, non toxic cleaning and laundry products do the job. They are more than reasonably priced and shipped to your home.

Cons: There are currently only 12 products, although the line will expand once the word is out there through the independent distributor network.

The dishwashing detergent is a marvel.  You can use almost no hot water and of course no get the spots off your glass because enzymes clean like little green pac men merging with the water and helping your dishes get cleaner than ever using a smaller carbon footprint.  $75 covers the one time purchase of all 12 products but any one of them can be purchased separately for between $4 and $6 refill because the containers you first purchase are reusable and or recyclable.

Want more information, just go to  Also you can google or use any other search engines or social networks to find out that the company, the CEO Allie Mallad, and the founders are all about changing lives.  Creating environments of health instead of sickness, helping the MOMS and others in the world who would like to also help others to know about these products do so through their own businesses. 54% of all stay at home moms develop cancer because they are stuck at home using toxic chemicals to clean.  This is hurting not only them, but their children and pets as well.  But I'm signing to the choir here.  If you are on this website you know full well what toxins are doing to people.  wowgreen is trying to change that one household at a time.  I am blessed to be a part of a company that listens to it's distributors and over and over makes this a better company to become a part of, whether just purchasing the products or building a network.  I would be honored to help anyone I can make a difference in someone else's life, just as I hope to make a difference in yours.  Best regards, Susan

Wow Green Auto Dishwashing Cleaner

Wow Green Auto Dishwashing Cleaner 32 oz. Wash Away. Remove the grease and grime from all of your dishes in any type of dishwasher.

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Green Options › Eco Friendly Green Products › Green Cleaning › Dish Soap › Wow Green Auto Dishwashing Cleaner