Wisdom Wands Java Wand


  Finally I can make my favorite coffee and loose tea outside my home and stop wasting money on expensive take out shops. It's perfect to use in my travel mug. I recently used it while traveling on a plane, then in my hotel and my office. (Everyone in my office wants one!) Love the ergonomic design so I don't have tilt my travel mug and risk staining my clothes again on the way to work.  Also LOVE . . . No more teeth stains for me, great alternative to toxic plastic straws. I bought one for everyone in my family so we can all make our  tea and coffee the way we like. Great for the environment, I'm giving my coffee maker away.  No more filters, electricity and wasted coffee. Bottom line . . .they save me time, money, my teeth and the Earth’s resources!


Pros: Coffee tasted great, so easy

I had the pleasure of meeting the founder of Wisdom Wands at the SF Greenfest and getting a demonstration of the Java Wand right in their booth. It's sort of amazing to experience - just add a small amount of coffee grounds to your mug (to taste) and some hot water. We waited maybe 15 seconds before I took a sip through the straw and had delicious coffee.


Now, this was in a perfectly controlled environment - insta-heat water dispenser on hand, likely very good coffee, etc. but it was excellent. I'll report back when I've used it more in the wild.

Wisdom Wands Java Wand

Add fresh coffee grounds and hot water to your mug, and suck through the Java Wand - that's it. The unique filtering system on the end of the straw acts as a mini "french-press" and fresh coffee is delivered straight to your mouth. No need for a coffee maker, wasted coffee, wasted water washing your coffee maker...the benefits go on.

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