Window mountable clothing drying rack Reviews


Best laundry drying rack


Pros: no hardware to mount, easily holds full load of laundry, Saves 10% of home's electricity, holds 25lbs, Works year round- rain or shine, Saves space

Cons: Suction cups stick to non-porus surfaces only

I love to save energy by hanging my clothes out to dry. I used to use a line in the yard but in Seattle you never know if your clothes will dry or get rained on. I researched other indoor solutions to drying my clothes but i realized that all of them either tip over easy, require too much floor space, or some sort of permanent mount. This window mountable rack is surprisingly strong, it easily holds a full load of my laundry, and its easy to remove from the window, fold up, and put away. There are more reviews listed on WindowDry's blog.