Whole Foods Holiday Trio Lip Balm Reviews



I got this even though I had no need for new lipbalm, but the price was so good and the seasonal nature of the product just meant I had to get it now. I did not regret my purchase. These are super yummy, they do a great job and there are no scary ingredients listed, which means I can swallow this to my heart's content! A nice little tasty treat for my lips in the middle of winter.

love these lip balms!


Pros: 3 per pack! great flavors.

i was shopping at whole foods this afternoon and did a "sucker-buy" at the cash register.  (i always feel like i'm such a sucker when i buy something they strategically place at the cash register to be lured into buying while you're bored waiting to have your items rung up).  anyway, i'm low on burt's bees and thought i'd give these a try because a) they're organic and b) three for $3.99 is way better than burt's bees, which is about $3.99 per stick! i was actually initially turned off by the three different flavors because i'm usually a peppermint-only lip balm kind of person.  turns out that the flavors are great.  only lip balms i've tried where the "alternative flavors" (here...
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