Whole Foods 365 Facial Tissue Reviews




Cons: rough, abrasive

Don't buy these, they are the worst.  Very abrasive and rough.  If you blow your nose a few times (or many times, if you have a cold or allergies) it will get absolutely torn up by the poor quality of these tissues. 

Cheap, and it shows


Pros: 40% post consumer, no chlorine, cheap

Cons: Feels like that really low quality industrial toilet paper, pretty ugly packaging

I bought these tissues because they were so cheap, and had the high post consumer recycled content.  I wish I hadn't bought three boxes. They were a better deal than the other recycled brand that was offered, but they are not as nice feeling- they really feel like the crappy TP you get in so many public restrooms.   And it's not really an issue, but the boxes are not exactly subtle looking.  Bright green, blue, and yellow.  I guess they won't go missing on a messy desk, but usually I prefer something a bit more subdued.  :)