Whole Foods 365 100% Recycled Toilet Paper Reviews


Hearts don't always equal love


Pros: 100% recycled, 80% post-consumer, non-chlorine bleach, double rolls, cheap

Cons: Not the softest TP

I must admit to being quite surprised at the hearts "quilted" onto this toilet paper.  But this is proof that hearts don't equal love. Not that there's anything *wrong* with this toilet paper- it was the cheapest on the shelf, double rolls=less cardboard tubing, 100% recycled with 80% post consumer, non-chlorine bleach- it's very eco-friendly stuff!  But it's not the softest TP either.  It's not so bad that I won't use what I have, or that I wouldn't buy it again if it was the only eco-option on the shelf.  But it might be worth a few extra coins to spring for something a little more bottom friendly.

Serves it's purpose but it's no powder puff


Pros: It's toilet paper...it works.

Cons: A little on the rough side

You would think a toilet paper covered in a pattern of hearts (not printed, but it's textured with hearts) might be super friendly to the various parts of your person that toilet paper visits.  But while this one is great because it's 100% recycled...it's not what you might call soft.  It's not sandpaper mind you, but I've used other 100% recycled TPs that manage to be a bit more skin-friendly while retaining their eco-friendly properties.  It's cheaper for 12 rolls than Seventh Generation...but...I'm not sure I'll buy it again.  



Pros: recycled

Cons: painful

I can't say I love this stuff. From the minute my finger tips touched it on the roll, I thought..."oh dear - 12 rolls of this?!" I'm glad it's recycled, but that doesn't take away the need for it to be a lot softer than it is.

Nothing spectacular


Pros: Good Price

Cons: Goes fast

This isn't a bad product but I wouldn't buy it again.  We bought a case last time we were at Whole Foods.  We bought it because it was cheaper than the Seventh Generation pack.  Well, we've been using it for awhile now and it seems that we are changing the roll more often than we did with the other brand.It has a good feel to it. Its soft and absorbent.