Whitney Design 3000 30-Line Outdoor Parallel-Style Clothes Dryer Reviews


Soaking up the sun not electricity!


Pros: Easy to use, easily folds, saves energy

Cons: can only be used in good weather

 I'm so excited about this product!  It reminds me of my childhood helping mom or grandma with laundry!We own the largest size (lots of cloth diapers!) The price includes shipping and tax. My husband installed it.  I must say you do need to have  a shovel to dig a deep enough hole to pour the cement into.   That's what stablizes the green sleeve. Then you may insert the dryer after it's sets.   This dryer is sturdy and rotates easily. It's a sure energy saver...especially in sunny Florida!  This item also folds down compactly  for storing in case of a storm. Don't forget to buy vintage clothes pins and sack!