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Whirlpool Duet HT Series WFW9200SQ Washer


Pros: Great capacity

Cons: Strong mildew odour developed after 2 years of use

We own an earlier version of this model-apparently our problem is commonn to many front-loading washers--wash water does not drain completely, and over time, mildew forms. So far, the odour does not seem to be affecting the clothes, but the smell inside the machine is terrible! I have read about a sanitizing product called "Affresh" that is supposed to remedy the problem, so we will try that. But this is definitely a huge drawback, and design fault, of many front-loading washers. In researching the problem, I have also learned that front-loading washers have a shorter lifespan than top-loaders--the bearings wear out fast, in 5 years as opposed to 15. Now that's a BIG problem...


Pros: noise level and cleanliness of the clothes

Cons: hour long wash cycle, typical for front loaders

This is my 3rd washer in ten years, both of the other ones were top loaders and keeping up with my family of 5 was too much for them (the first had transmission issues after 6 years and the second was just a cheap pile of junk) so I went out and spent more than I normally would hoping that we will not be in the market for another any time soon and so far things are looking good.  The clothes come out clean and dryer than with the top loaders and we use less detergent.  Instead of the HE detergent we are just using half of the amount per load as we did with the old machine and it seems to work well.  We also leave the door cracked open between loads to keep some air circulating and eliminate the mold smell.  The doors on the front loaders are sealed unlike the top loaders so they will not let any fresh air in with the door closed.  I seems easy to use, just turn to normal and press and hold the start button for a second.  There are a lot of settings that can be adjusted on it but I really don't see any need to make minor tweaks to the standard cycles.  Also make sure that it is very level to help it run smoothly. If anything changes I'll update this.


Pros: less energy, more clothes washed

Cons: not always as clean as we'd like, need an engineering degree to operate

Very complicated, quasi expensive, loud, washes LOTS at a time, sometimes requires two rinses and seems to leak a little fabric softener in the wash mode does use less energy than our old washer, most loads wash slow

Whirlpool Duet HT Series WFW9200SQ Washer

Wash 16 pairs of jeans in a single load while using half the water and energy. The washer's 6th Sense technology with intuitive controls selects the best settings for you. The Direct Inject wash system deep cleans fabrics to virtually eliminate pretreating. Dynamic Stability Control and a 6-point suspension system reduce vibration before it even starts.

Energy Star QualificationYes
Depth31.50 in
Height38 in
Width27 in
WarrantyOne Year Limited
Additional FeaturesAdjustible Leveling Legs,Bleach Dispenser,Child Lock,Delay Start,Digital Display,Door Lock,End of Cycle Signal,Fabric Softener/Dispenser,Noise Reduction,Sanitary Cycle
Spin Speeds1000 RPM
Temperature Levels4
Load TypeFront Loading
Volume Capacity3.8 cu. ft
Energy Consumption182 kW
Typefront load
Touchpad ControlsNo
Modified Energy Factor (MEF)
Quiet Operation
Release Date
Water Factor
Water Use (Normal Cycle)
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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