acceptible alternative to SILK unsweetened organic soy milk with New Great Taste

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WestSoy Organic Soy Milk

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Pros: It's not sweet and it's white with an acceptible taste

Cons: none

We pretty much only used SILK unsweetened organic soy milk in our coffee before they ruined it with their New Great Taste I don't know what it is they put in it but there is this impression of something between vanilla and a vague undefined sweetness that belies their list of ingredients. Corporations that have a good product then go and screw it up are one of God's own mysteries.


I found the unsweetened half-gallon WestSoy just by blind luck wandering around a Walmart. I was familiar with the small expensive box of WestSoy but had not seen the half-gallon before. Since the price was right and we were looking for a replacement to the Silk, I tried it out and now that's what we use.


 We use about 850 ml of this milk a day so we get two days and some out of a half-gallon. Since we never go without drinking coffee everyday, that translates to approximately 310,300 ml of soy milk a year which is 161.6 half-gallons so figure about 3.15 USD each (will probably go higher with global warming and widespread drought) that's still 509.00 USD, so..that's Silk's loss and WestSoy's gain if Walmart can keep their shelves stocked, but you know Walmart. 


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