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acceptible alternative to SILK unsweetened organic soy milk with New Great Taste


Pros: It's not sweet and it's white with an acceptible taste

Cons: none

We pretty much only used SILK unsweetened organic soy milk in our coffee before they ruined it with their New Great Taste I don't know what it is they put in it but there is this impression of something between vanilla and a vague undefined sweetness that belies their list of ingredients. Corporations that have a good product then go and screw it up are one of God's own mysteries.   I found the unsweetened half-gallon WestSoy just by blind luck wandering around a Walmart. I was familiar with the small expensive box of WestSoy but had not seen the half-gallon before. Since the price was right and we were looking for a replacement to the Silk, I tried it out and now that's what...
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Pros: Unsweetened option. Organic.

Cons: Thin consistency. Tastes too much like...well...soy!

 Wish I could say I like this product (because it's organic and because it comes in an unsweetened version but....I don't.  It's very thin in consistency.  It tastes so much like soy (I mean almost like a raw soybean flavor -- closer to this than any other brand of soymilk I've tried), that it really clashes with the cereal I've eaten it with (especially when the cereal is relatively flavorless, like Weetabix or some sort of cornflake, etc.  Two and a half stars for the purity of the product...and not much else.  I'll stick with Silk or even Trader Joe's brand (which is cheap and very tasty!).

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WestSoy Organic Unsweetened Soy Milk Great product!


Pros: taste like cow's skim milk, organic, has no sugar, It has 4 grams of dietary fiber, Walmart sells in half gallon cantainers for a great price

Cons: I have not found any

I think WestSoy Organic Unsweetened Soy Milk taste great and is good for you. I had a hard time finding a good tasting soy milk that did not contain sugar.  I paid a little over $3 for a half gallon cantainer at WalMart.