Weleda Skin Food Reviews

Slightly Greasy & STRONG Scent


Pros: Very Emollient

Cons: Very strong herbal scent, slightly greasy feel

This product is very emollient but even on my very dry skin it leaves behind a slightly greasy feel, which really annoys me when it's on my hands.  While a personal preferance, I feel the herbal scent is far too strong and it lasts for a long time.  I bought a tinly trial size of this just to try it out and I didn't even finish using it, I gave it away to someone else.  I am mush happier with my Earth Mama Body Butter.

Great Intense Cream


Pros: Very moisturzing

Cons: Strong "natural" smell

I just got this product and really like it so far.  It has intense moisture but soaks in pretty quickly.  It does have a strong "natural" sent.  By that I mean very herbally (if thats a word).  I like the smell but know others might not like it.