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WaterSaver Technologies AQUS WS-06000 System


Pros: saves some water

Cons: possible injury and death from potential release of toxic fumes

Upon first inspection of the Aqus it seemed to be fairly well thought out. There are a lot of parts that are specialty parts that have been built overseas. During the installation I encountered problems with the rocker device that fits inside the toilet tank. I called Water Saver Tech and got Mark Saunders (the inventor) on the line. After discribing the illfitting part to him, he told me that I probably got ahold of some old stock and promptly sent me a newly designed rocker assembly. A week later, after recieving the new part and assebling the unit I can say that it worked. (sort of). There are electrical points that go inside the toilet tank that are exposed to moisture. These points activate the pump when the water level drops in the toilet tank. They will need regular attention. This design error is exaserbated by the chlorine in the water that causes most metal parts to corrode quickly. This coats the points and causes them to not make a good contact.

Secondly, the only way that the toilet bowl can fill is if that water comes from the fresh water fill of the toilet. So you are only really saving about 3/4 of a gallon per flush.  The fresh water going into the bowl gives the impression that the water entering the tank is fairly clean, but it's really pretty funky because there is virtually no filtration of the water coming from the sink. This means that your toilet flapper is going to need to be cleaned about once a week.

The biggest design flaw in this product is the use of 3" chlorine tablets placed in the drain line to disenfect the sink water as it goes to the storage tank. When the water passes over the chlorine tablets it creates chlorine gas.  This chlorine gas comes  up through the drain pipe and stings your nostrels pretty good. Since there is no sink trap  between the sink and the tank there is nothing to keep the gas from escaping back into the bathroom. That isn't the biggest danger though. The biggest danger is if someone is cleaning the bathroom and inadvertantly pours a cleaner containing a significant amount of ammonia down the sink. Guess what? CHLOROFORM GAS!!!  For those of you that aren't aware of household chemical rules 101, Don't mix chlorine and ammonia, this is what happens. Chlorofom gas is created from the mixture of chlorine bleach and household ammonia. If you inhale modest amounts of chloroform gas you will be rendered unconscious and your breathing passeges will be permanently damaged. If you remain in the area you could die, but don't ever sign up for another marathon race.

I don't want to harp on this too much, but the swimming pool chlorine that is sent with this product is designed to be totally submerged under water. i.e. swimming pool chlorine. From what I have read in the EPA regulations for hazardous materials, there are heavy fines and imprisonment for using this type of chlorine for anything other than what it is designed for. (swimming pools). This has to do with the fact that when this product is not totally submerged, it creates large amounts of gas that are intended to be entrained in water, not breathed.

The product is however usefull if you don't follow the instructions with the chlorine. You will have to pour something like peroxide down the sink every couple of days to kill the lively  bacteria and odor that go along with them.


Pros: only about once a year maintenance, doesn't change the look of your bathroom

Cons: water to flush toilet can look soapy

The Aqus is a great system that let's you reuse a lot of water without too much of an overhaul on your behavior or on your bathroom. Not to mention, it's a greywater system that doesn't break any health codes anywhere. I don't actually own one but I worked in an office that had one and it worked fantastically. The only drawback is that your toilet flushing water can look soapy if you use a soap with a lot of suds.

WaterSaver Technologies AQUS WS-06000 System

Simple to install, AQUS uses water from bathroom sinks to flush toilets. Tucked inside the vanity below the sink, the AQUS reservoir works in conjunction with standard lavatory pipes and holds up to 5 ½ gallons of water from the sink. Inside the toilet tank, the AQUS fill control unit keeps fresh water from filling the tank by holding the ball cock in the off position. That allows water held in the reservoir under the sink to fill the toilet tank. A water hose connects the reservoir to the fill control unit, using gravity, water pressure and a small electrical pump to move water from the vanity to the toilet. AQUS can reduce metered water usage in a two-person household by about 10–20 gallons a day – or approximately 5,000 gallons a year. In addition to conserving water AQUS helps save money in reduced water consumption charges and wastewater treatment or sewer fees.

Weight13 lbs
Additional Features
Tank Volume5.5 gallons (13.5" x 15.5" x 9.5")
Electrical RequirementsLow voltage 12 V DC
Tubing3/8 inch
Pump Type12 VDC Centrifugal Submersible Average Flow Rate: 1.6 gal/1 min 12 sec
Greywater Source(s)Handwash water
Water ReuseToilet flushing
States Legal for UseAll
Amount of Water Reused10-20 gallons per day (in a 2 person household)
Release Date
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC

How To Maintain the AQUS:

  1. Remember that your Aqus System requires maintenance once a year.
  2. Replace the disinfection tablet. Remove the tablet dispenser lid, place three tablets in the unit, and close the lid.
    1. The semi-transparent dispenser should allow you to see when you need to replace the tablet. You can purchase replacements through the WaterSaver Technologies website or through retail stores.
  3. Clean the filter screen. Remove the screen by unscrewing the four #6 philips head screws and pulling it straight up from the tank lid; rise it; reinstall it with the four screws.



Symptom: Bubbles in toilet bowl


Cause: Heavy usage of hand soaps or detergents

Solution: Make several flush cycles to dilute soaps and reduce amount of bubbles


Symptom: Connections inside Vanity will not fit


Cause: Wall drain is NOT 18" off finished floor and/or wall drain is NOT 12" off vanity cabinet shelf

Solution: Wall drain is not at normal plumbing code level. If wall drain is too low, then alternatives may inc: * cut opening in vanity floor to recess reservoir * Use shallow P-trap or alternative PVC parts. If wall drain is too high, then alternatives may inc: * reverse P-trap * Shim tank higher


Symptom: FCU will not raise fill valve to OFF position


Cause: Brass not adjusted properly

Solution: Brass weight is preinstalled to operate properly. Depending upon the fill valve used, there may be obstructions on the bottom of the fill valve that cause the FCU to snag. Moving brass weight may avoid interference


Symptom: No 110V plug inside Vanity cabinet


Cause: Many bathrooms have 110V plug above vanity cabinet

Solution: Engage certified electrician to install 110V plug inside vanity cabinet


Symptom: Pump is noisy


Cause: Normal pump operation

Solution: Pump is no louder than icemaker or electric shaver. Sound is different and requires getting used too


Cause: Pumping without water

Solution: When reservoir is dry, pumps labors as it sends air to toilet and noise level increases. Normal bathroom activities resolve noise level


Cause: Pump is failing

Solution: Turn water on in sink for 2-3 minutes. Flush toilet. Has noise level reduced? YES: Continue normal operations. NO: Possible pump failure. Call for service


Symptom: Pump runs too long, too short, or intermittantly


Cause: Circuit board timer failure

Solution: Call for service


Symptom: Pump runs too long or too short for toilet size


Cause: Pump timer is preset for 1.6 gallon gpf toilets

Solution: Pump timer located on top of the reservoir may be adjusted to increase or decrease the length of pumping. Adjust the timer clockwise to increase the pump run time. Reverse this process to reduce run time. Move timer in 1/4 turn increments.


Symptom: Reused water in toilet is ugly


Cause: Unattractive liquid poured in sink (ex. Coffee, cola)

Solution: Rinse clear water down sink and flush toilet to flush unattractive liquid from system


Symptom: Reused water is not filling tank


Cause: Electrical system has failed - it has become unpluged.

Solution: Replug transformer into wall outlet


Cause: Electrical system has failed - Switch on FCU failed

Solution: Call for service


Cause: Electrical system has failed - Pump isn't running

Solution: Call for service


Cause: Electrical system has failed - Hose is clogged

Solution: Call for service. DO NOT pour drain unclogging products down sink May damage Aqus system


Symptom: Toilet will not flush


Cause: Fresh water supply is OFF

Solution: Turn ON fresh water supply


Cause: FCU is out of alignment and is interfering with proper toilet operation

Solution: Remove toilet tank lid, flush toilet and observe operation. If FCU is interferring then remove Placement Tool from FCU and reposition FCU


Symptom: Toilet does not have a Fluidmaster 400A fill valve


Cause: Toilet is equipped with a different fill valve

Solution: Aqus has been successfully tested and designed to function properly with a Fluidmaster 400A fill valve. Other similar style fill valves may be used in conjunction with the Aqus. We recommend replacing existing fill valve with Fluidmaster 400A


Symptom: Toilet does not have Tank


Cause: Aqus was designed to work exclusively with tank type Toilets

Solution: Aqus prevents cross contamination of the fresh water system and does not interfere with back flow prevention when used with tank type toilets Replace tankless toilet.


Symptom: Toilet is dual flush or pressure assist type


Cause: Aqus was designed to work with gravity fed toilet tanks where FCU can operate Properly

Solution: Replace dual flush or pressure assist toilet with gravity fed toilet


Symptom: Unpleasant odor


Cause: Chlorine tablets have dissolved and reservoir has grown odor causing Bacteria

Solution: Step 1. Turn water on in sink and pour a capful of chlorine bleach down drain to shock odor Step 2. Replace tablets


Cause: P-Trap is dry

Solution: Turn water on for 5 minutes to reprime P-trap


Symptom: Time it takes to refill toilet tank


Cause: 12 V DC Pump Perfomance

Solution: The pump is intended to provide an effective reused water supply at a distance of less than 25 ft with 4 ft head pressure. As distance exceeds 15 ft, the perfomance begins to Diminish and fill time takes longer


Symptom: Water backing up into sink


Cause: Clog in P-trap or waste line

Solution: Clog is downstream from reservoir. DO NOT pour unclogging products down drain. May damage Aqus system. Call plumber to clear obstruction


Taken from the WaterSaver Technologies website

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