A Review On: WaterFurnace ND-049 Envision Dual-Capacity Heat Pump

WaterFurnace ND-049 Envision Dual-Capacity Heat Pump

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Pros: reliable, even heat-cooling,

 Our house is just under 3000 square feet.  It was heated and cooled with two natural gas furnaces/airconditioners.  The cost after rebates was a couple of thousand dollars more than just replacing with natural gas again.  We have saved enough already to make up the difference in cost. 


Pros:  Very even heat, hot water unlimited, air conditioning very good, costs less per month to operate.  Fan runs all the time to even out the heat.  It is variable speed reacting to need.


Cons: We found that set back thermostats do not work very well.  Set the temperature and leave it alone.  In a sentence recovery time in the heating mode is very slow is comparison to natural gas.  We have four vertical wells and cleaning up and redoing the backyard was the hardest part of this project.    


Absolutely no problems.  We are very satisfied.  Make sure to understand the system and find the very best installers.  If specd correctly and done right it works very well.  The well field is an asset in the future and the system should add to the value of your house.  You may have to educate future buyers to point out the advantages and cost savings. 




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