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WaterFurnace ND-049 Envision Dual-Capacity Heat Pump


Pros: Clean, reliable, efficent

Cons: Up front costs

My home is comfortable and my utility bills are low.  I have a 2000 sq ft house on a 4 acre lot in northeastern Wisconsin. I replaced my high efficiency propane furnace and air conditioner about 5 months ago with the WaterFurnace and and I have not regretted it once. The heat pump has a horizontal closed loop as the heat sink.  There is a 40 gallon water tank to which the desuper heater is attached so I get a lot of free hot water.  The unit also has an electric resistance backup in case something goes wrong with the geothermal pump, it also will add extra heat if the geothermal cannot keep up.   My old AC unit used to run pretty much constantly on hot days but the ground source heat pump kept the house cool on a hot August day with about 25 people over for my sons birthday.  And while it was cooling the house it was transferring that heat into a water tank so my water heater would not need to run.  Now it is November and the temp is 13 degrees Fahrenheit as I am typing this.  The heat pump is only operating on the low setting and just part of the time so I am sure it will have no problem keeping up in January.  I have not had it long enough to get an accurate cost savings but I am guessing it will be saving me close to 2000 dollars per year.


Pros: reliable, even heat-cooling,

 Our house is just under 3000 square feet.  It was heated and cooled with two natural gas furnaces/airconditioners.  The cost after rebates was a couple of thousand dollars more than just replacing with natural gas again.  We have saved enough already to make up the difference in cost. 


Pros:  Very even heat, hot water unlimited, air conditioning very good, costs less per month to operate.  Fan runs all the time to even out the heat.  It is variable speed reacting to need.


Cons: We found that set back thermostats do not work very well.  Set the temperature and leave it alone.  In a sentence recovery time in the heating mode is very slow is comparison to natural gas.  We have four vertical wells and cleaning up and redoing the backyard was the hardest part of this project.    


Absolutely no problems.  We are very satisfied.  Make sure to understand the system and find the very best installers.  If specd correctly and done right it works very well.  The well field is an asset in the future and the system should add to the value of your house.  You may have to educate future buyers to point out the advantages and cost savings. 




Pros: Quiet

Cons: Out of service too often!

Totally disappointed with this system.  We have had it 3 years and our 20 year old system it replaced, was more reliable.  We save money, because the system freezes up, exploded water line in the basement and frequently just will not run!  I do not recommend this system!  This should be a maintenance free system and it is definitely not!  For what you pay, it is not worth it!

WaterFurnace ND-049 Envision Dual-Capacity Heat Pump

WaterFurnace Envision products established a new industry standard for efficiency, performance, reliability and quiet operation. Envision products are performance-certified to ARI ISO 13256-1 standards, are ETL listed, and are ENERGYSTAR® qualified. This model is available either as a water loop, a ground water closed loop, or a ground loop. These options result in a range of capacities and efficiencies. All models are two-stage and can operate at either full or partial capacity (higher efficiencies can be achieved when operating at partial capacity). The specifications below are for the ground loop configuration operating at full capacity.

Energy Star QualificationYes
Energy Efficiency Rating (EER)18.3
Cooling Capacity51,700 BTUH
Heating Capacity37,600 BTUH
Coefficient of Performance (COP)4.1
Additional Features
Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF)
Release Date
Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER)
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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