Vy & Elle Recycled Billboard Media Folder

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Vy & Elle Recycled Billboard Media Folder

Vinyl billboards are used nationwide as temporary banner advertisements and are usually discarded into landfills where they create toxic pollution. Instead, the strength of PVC vinyl makes it an ideal material for reuse. And because of the different images printed on the vinyl, it's even more interesting as a fabric. It offers colorful graphics that take urban art into everyday living. Each bag and accessory item has it's own unique "one of a kind" look without the high designer price. With random colors and designs, every bag made is different, offering a chance to carry a piece of art on a shoulder, in a pocketbook or in the home. For your presentations, paperwork and everything else. This is a 100% billboard hardbound folder holder with a 12"x9" zipper pocket for discs and loose items as well as a slide in pocket designed for presentation folders, paperwork and manuals. Velcro closure. Measures: 12"x9" *Note: Colors shows are an example only.  Each bag is unique.  You may list color preferences in your order comments, however we cannot guarantee any particular color scheme as neither we nor Vy & Elle has any control over the colors received. Usually ships within 2 business days.

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