2007 Volkswagen Rabbit 4-Door Reviews


Great powerful/roomy small car


Pros: comfortable interior all around, quiet

Cons: gas milege is not as high as expected due to 5 cyc

This is my first review here. Hi all! I got the 06' version of the very same car. Best trim model with 16 inch alloys, Continental tires. This car has Electronic traction control! It's safer if you have it on in winter! You can manually turn that off if you want aggressive driving. This car runs pretty good with just stock performance. 6-speed +/- automatic is far superior than any model of its class for this price range. The manual transmission is standard, however it's only 5-speed. This is a 5 cylinder car, it consumes a bit more gases than 4 cylinder vehicles, not a whole lot. It produces more torque in return. I believe it's about 170 which is exceptionally...
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