Village Green Energy Renewable Energy Credits Reviews

Positive Reviews


Very satisfying experience


Pros: Forces more investment in Renewable Energy

Cons: none

I had a great experience buying RECs through VGE. The site was intuitive and I quickly received a package from them with a decal and a certificate recognizing my contribution. At least for me, the value proposition of RECs is easier to understand than Carbon Offsets. In states where major utilities are required to purchase some of their power from renewable sources, if enough people purchase the rights to that renewable power away from the utilities, the utilities then have to invest in more renewable sources to maintain their quota. It's seems more directly impacting to me.

Negative Reviews


disappointed with the carbon calculator

I was not impressed by the carbon calculator.  The home part had no way to account for energy efficency in my home it just assumed that because I live in Wisconsin I use a large amount of carbon to heat my home.  The program showed that my home produces over 12 tons just for heat.  My house is heated by an electrically driven geothermal heat pump.  If I select gas for heat it says 3 tons.  My heat pump runs off of clean energy just like the rest of my house and I know of a quite a few people who get a percentage of their power from green energy.  There is no way to change how much power is used unless you change the size of your home.  Also they don't say how many kw hours they are...
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Great option for RECs

Not all RECs are created equal but Village Green is very upfront about where they get theirs, how they work, etc.  The site is also really easy to use and very informative.  You get your welcome packet quickly plus a cool decal for your window. I really appreciate the fact that they're making green power purchasing accessible to everyone.  Plus they have a sweet sweet new Facebook app. The only thing is...I'm still smarting from the fact that I didn't win the free RECs at the SF Green Festival last year (just kidding).  

Not only the President...


Pros: Save the planet

Cons: small price premium

I'm not only the President of Village Green Energy, I'm also a client! It's nice to feel good about my monthly purchase of RECs, as well as my job running the company. Village Green Energy drives the transition to renewable power by increasing voluntary demand for green energy and forcing electric utilities to generate more of their power with renewable resources. We offer one important way to pitch in as the global community strives to evolve our natural resource consumption methods towards sustainability.