Vignette Wine Country Soda Reviews


Nice light soda


Pros: All natural, not too sweet, nice flavor

The first time I had Vignette Wine Contry Soda was actually at Google...I'd never seen it before, and in the bounty of all the free food and drink of the Google cafeterias, I picked Vignette soda.  Now, I'd like to first point out that although they call it "Wine Country Soda" and although it is in a bottle slightly shaped like a wine bottle, it's not alcoholic.  It's really just a lovely light sparkling grape juice delicious thing.  Yes, that is exactly what it is. I'm a fan of this soda because there's not sugar or HFCS added, so it's not too sweet.  It's got a really nice flavor (not too grapey - although I can only speak to the Chardonnay and the Pinot Noir sodas, as I haven't tried...
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