VerTerra Dinnerware Reviews


Stylin and sustainin


Pros: hardy, beautiful, compostable, biodegradable

While a disposable plate is never as good as one that you use 9000 times over, these things are beautiful, and they're conversation starters. They look like their fine wood plates from afar, but even up close when you realize they're not, you're still not disappointed. Super light-weight, but much stronger than any styrofoam or paper or plastic plate you've ever handled. If you need disposable dinnerware, I can't imagine why you would use anything else.

Unique, beautiful, biodegradable


Pros: made from just leaves and water, biodegradable, nontoxic, produced with less energy than it takes to recycle

Cons: oils stain the plates a little

VerTerra bowls, plates, and serveware are not only gorgeous, they're about as green as you can get.  Made with just fallen leaves and water, the company gets eco-bonus points for upcycling, using less energy than it takes to recycle, and recapturing 80% of the water used in production. Now, in terms of my own personal use, I haven't tested out how the bowls hold up with hot soup or in the microwave, but I think they'd do just as well as any paper plate or bowl.  They're really quite sturdy and just because they're biodegradable, don't be fooled - they don't have to be single-use (and if you do use them just one time, you don't have to feel so guilty - just make sure you compost...
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