Verilux 4 Pin Quad CFL Bulb


Pros: cfl; long average use

Cons: getting used to the color of the light; initial investment


these bulbs are great from an eco and, in the long-run, financial perspective.  very long average use rate (about 5,000 hours), meaning i won't be replacing this bulb for many years!  this obviously saves $$ in the long run, but it's worth noting that it takes a heftier initial investment (costs around $20 for the bulb if you buy it online).  also, the light is "natural spectrum" meaning more bluish than conventional bulbs. this is supposed to reduce strain on your eyes.  i like working with it, but it's a bit odd because when you turn it on in a room otherwise "conventionally-lit," it looks kind of weird.

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Verilux 4 Pin Quad CFL Bulb

This 4-pin Verilux "F"-style linear quad replacement lamp is suitable for use in Verilux Floor Lamps and Verilux Desk Lamps. It has a 6,000 degree Kelvin correlated color temperature (CCT), producing about 1,715 lumens of light, with a color rendering index (CRI) rating of 85. 5,000 hour energy efficient 27W compact fluorescent bulb, equivalent to 150W ordinary bulb

Additional Features
Average Life Hours5,000
Incandescent Wattage Equivalent150W
Base Type
Available Color Temperature
Release Date
Bulb Shape
Energy Star Qualification
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC