VegNews Magazine


Pros: Recycled paper, Super Articles, Awesome recipes!

Cons: Lots of activist articles and ad's relating to animal cruelty....warning do not buy if you love the meat!

This is personally one of my fave magazines out there.  They are super progressive, witty and have a great foundation the publication.  Their News Beet section especially gives tons of fast interesting information.  Every page is a new adventure and I would recommend this for any vegetarian/vegan reader and even meat eaters who are conscious and responsible in doing so.  Not too long, not too short and printed on 75% post consumer materials!  Veg it up people!

VegNews Magazine

Since beginning publication in 2000, VegNews has become the most talked about vegetarian magazine. The premier magazine to focus on a vegetarian lifestyle, VegNews offers its more than 195,000 readers up-to-date information on living a compassionate and healthy lifestyle with such features as: 1. The latest vegetarian news 2. Intriguing interviews 3. Travel tales 4. Food & health 5. Celebrity buzz 6. Delicious vegan recipes 7. Vegetarian city guides... from Los Angeles to Paris 8. The hottest new veg products 9. Global event calendars 10. Practical advice 11. Fabulous vegan weddings and much, much more! We're proud to print VegNews on 75% post-consumer, recycled paper from New Leaf Paper. The stock we have chosen has been called an "environmental homerun" and is the best in the industry.

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