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I am not a vegetarian, but always looking for good veggie recipes. I try to eat meat only a couple of times a week, so I need a lot of inspiration. I do not regret getting this subscription (2-year one). The recipes are very creative and there is also very informative articles in every issue. I have made a few things and my husband loved them. Especially the vegan desert recipes! He didn't even realize they were vegan. He loves sweets but has high cholesterol so it's nice to be able to give in to his indulgence without compromising his health. One little problem that I find is that some recipes are a bit complicated or rather time-comsuming but I guess they are for special occasions. There is plenty of easy ones to make up for it though. On the other hand, these fancy recipes are great for celebrations and I am pretty sure that noone would complain that they are vegetarian. Bottom line, there is something for everyone and that makes it a good magazine.


Pros: Great Recipies, Interesting Articles

Cons: LOTS of Advertisements

I really enjoy this magazine and I even know people who are not vegetarians that enjoy the recipes in it as well (like me).  I subscribed to this when I was a full on veggie and still enjoy it now that I've begun eating wild game.  It has interesting articles in between delicious vegetarian recipes for all to enjoy. 


There are tons of advertisements so sometimes I need to read it over again to find some articles or tid bits that I passed over thinking they were ad's but, other than that it is worth the money ($6.99 CAD).  Not printed on recycled paper which is something I generally look for....something they can improve on I suppose.  Try it out you won't be disappointed!

Vegetarian Times

For over 30 years, Vegetarian Times has been at the forefront of the healthy living movement, providing delicious recipes, expert wellness information and environmentally sound lifestyle solutions to a wide variety of individuals. Our goal is to remain a trusted resource for our faithful readers and to reach out to the new generation of full-time vegetarians and flexitarians who find themselves increasingly drawn to the health-conscious, eco-friendly, "green" lifestyle we have always promoted.

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