vedaDUDE Glide organic shave gel Reviews


vedaDUDE is the best organic shave gel EVER.


Pros: Where do I start...

Cons: None that matter. Well, maybe price.

Long story short; I can look at a sharp object and get cut. I just don't do well with anything sharp so well, shaving, is not so much a party for me. Even with the best razor I'll manage to slice my leg BUT not when I use vedaDUDE. The organic ingredients rock, and the gel glides on perfectly. The gel smells amazing; clean and fresh and there's no sticky factor at all. The gel leaves your legs feeling totally soft when you're done shaving, and rinses cleanly off. Best of all, I get zero cuts when I use this gel. ZERO - if you knew me, you'd faint, but it's true. On the con side, I do think the gel is a little pricey, but it only takes a bit for your entire leg, and vedaPURE often holds...
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