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Vectrix Electric Maxi Scooter

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Pros: No gas commute, range works for me (30 miles each way, charge at work)

Cons: Finding back up places to charge

I decided late last year I decided that I wanted to reduce my carbon footprint as much as possible, and despite owning a Toyota Prius realized that it was still the number one act I had control over that created pollution. So after months of debate I decided to swallow the $13,000+ cost of the only electric vehicle on the market that I thought could balance both performance and cost for my 30 mile one-way commute between San Pedro CA and Anaheim CA. Once the initial break in period which involves deep discharging of the batteries and recharging to condition them I've found the Vectrix to be very reliable (this is a VERY important thing to do, else you find your range incredibly lower! I had my doubts when I first rode my Vectrix home from Santa Monica) . The Regen braking works fantastically and I rarely use the mechanical breaks except for emergency maneuvers. I have found that if you don't ride and charge the bike for over a week performance, as in range dips a bit but after one cycle things seem back to normal. All in all, I'm happy to be one of the first to purchase this bike and would recommend it to anyone comfortable with riding motorcycles.


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