Vectrix Electric Maxi Scooter


Pros: No gas commute, range works for me (30 miles each way, charge at work)

Cons: Finding back up places to charge

I decided late last year I decided that I wanted to reduce my carbon footprint as much as possible, and despite owning a Toyota Prius realized that it was still the number one act I had control over that created pollution. So after months of debate I decided to swallow the $13,000+ cost of the only electric vehicle on the market that I thought could balance both performance and cost for my 30 mile one-way commute between San Pedro CA and Anaheim CA. Once the initial break in period which involves deep discharging of the batteries and recharging to condition them I've found the Vectrix to be very reliable (this is a VERY important thing to do, else you find your range incredibly lower! I had my doubts when I first rode my Vectrix home from Santa Monica) . The Regen braking works fantastically and I rarely use the mechanical breaks except for emergency maneuvers. I have found that if you don't ride and charge the bike for over a week performance, as in range dips a bit but after one cycle things seem back to normal. All in all, I'm happy to be one of the first to purchase this bike and would recommend it to anyone comfortable with riding motorcycles.


Pros: See review

Cons: See review

As an early adopter of the Vectrix electric step-through motorcycle, here in Oakland, CA, I can report that this is a truly practical and surprisingly fun form of two-wheeled transport.

Since buying the Vectrix my car usage has dropped to about once a month. The bike really is that functional (storage galore, effortless parking) and dependable (a very stable ride in rain, hills, and on the highway for short distances). The Vectrix is billed as a "maxi-scooter" while I'd suggest its more of a "step-through motorcycle." It's got the general performance of a Suzuki Burgman 600 (except for range) and easily outpaces and outclasses small displacement scooters. I leave 250cc gas scooters in the dust every day (really).

The list below describes some of my central findings from six months riding a Vectrix as a real vehicle in the real world of Bay Area traffic.

> Bought the bike in August 2007. Have put in about 2800 miles so far with zero maintenance costs. Gas scooters are a constant maintenance drain in comparison.

> My electrical recharge cost over six months has been $35 instead of $500 comparable gas cost in my car. Yes, that's $35 vs $500. Electricity really is that much cheaper (and in California, cleaner).

> The integrated charging system is thoroughly dependable and relatively quick to charge. 2 hours in a standard 110V plug will get you an 80% charge. 3 hours will charge it completely. I carry around a heavy duty 15amp extension cord (fits in the front storage bin) making it easy to get opportunistic charges around the Bay Area.

> My distance per charge when driving at highway speeds (Oakland to SF and back) averages 30-32 miles. My distance per charge at slower local speeds, driving aggressively, is about 35 miles. My distance per charge at slower local speeds, driving for efficiency, is about 36-38 miles.

> Speed is the #1 factor that affects range. Greater than 50mph burns electrons much faster.

> Tire pressure is the #2 range factor. Make sure to keep them as tight as they're rated. If they're even a little soft your range will suffer markedly.

> Driving style is the #3 range factor, but it doesn't make that big a difference, surprisingly.

> Hills are the #4 range factor, but I've got to say that there is no hill anywhere in Oakland or SF that I haven't been able to accelerate up from a standstill. I'm talking crazy steep hills (>20%) on Lombard and in Tilden Park.

> I've received very prompt and efficient customer service from Vectrix corporate. They are clearly standing behind this innovative vehicle with regards to warranty and to providing feedback to customers.

> Yes, the cost of new technology is high (circa $11k). But CA is offering a $1500 cash rebate on the Vectrix and as of this writing more than a million of funding remains. Plus the savings from low electricity cost and low maintenance cost somewhat offsets the high initial price. Best of all, you can flip off the gas stations and their usurious $4 rates every time you whirr past. Ha Ha.

Finally, my girlfriend and various friends often ask for rides. This is unusual as I didn't get similar requests when riding gas bikes. The low noise and smooth handling of the Vectrix makes it pleasure to take on joy-rides, then you go home and recharge it for a cool 50 cents.

Matt Fishbach
Oakland, CA


Pros: Superb

Cons: Range

Price is in Euros! 9700 euros
One should take into account that 1 litre of diesel contains roughtly 11.000 wh of energy. My vectrix's battery contains in 80 kg of NIMH only 3700 wh, nearly 1/3 of one litre of diesel.
After assuming that nothing can perform like the energy density of the oil, I was astonished by the superb performance of the Vectrix. I've been riding it for over 8000 km, and I do declare it is the best purchase I've ever made. I recomend not to waste your time comparing costs and maintenance with tradicional gas scooters that might compensate initial high price: Forget all them. Forget Oil. If you can afford it, buy it: Driving a Vectrix is an unice experience! The only drawback is the range: One should plan carefully open road trips because of the limited energy stores in the battery. I'm planning to buy the lithium upgrade that will be avaiable by the end of 2008, wich wiñlll contain more than 7 kwh! With this upgrade, i'll be able to increase my range from 40 km to 80km!


Pros: Feels stable, quiet ride, electric!

So I will tell you right off the bat...I do not own a Vectrix nor do I even have a motorcycle license.  However, I was lucky enough to get taken around on the back of a Vectrix with Huddler MattFish.


The Vectrix is a sweet, sweet ride (from the back anyway).  It's a sizeable machine - definitely not your average scooter.  It's really quite comfortable and I didn't feel like I was going to go flying off, which is definitely a good thing.  It seemed to climb hills pretty well and of course the efficiency of an electric vehicle is hard to beat.  The range of the Vectrix isn't bad and the regenerative braking helps.


If you get a chance...I highly recommend making friends with a Vectrix owner.  Not only are they cool because they are early adopters of EVs...but maybe they'll take you for a spin around the block.


Pros: GREEN, Low Operating & Maint Costs, FUN, Snappy & Nimble Handling

Cons: High Initial Cost, Original Batteries Underperform, Limited Range

I own a Harley Davidson and a 2008 Triumph Rocket III Touring and ride over 12,500 miles per year on average.  I've been riding motorcycles FIFTY years!  I've owned everything from Vespa's to dirt bikes to street metrics to ...well, you get it by now - I know motorcycling!!  This Vectrix is the single most fun machine I've ever owned when used for it's most practical application - buzzing around town on streets & roads with 45 mph & under speeds.  It's strong suit is NOT as a city to city commuter but a fabulous intracity cruiser.  It's excellent for errands, cruising the beach roads along the S. Florida coast as long as maintaining 25 to 40 mph speeds is acceptable.  I have taken the MSF advanced rider course and recently was certified in the Osceola County Sheriff's Office S.M.A.R.T training course.  I only WISH I had taken my Vectrix through the course instead of my Triumph because it is simply so snappy and nimble.  I accomplished the course with the Triumph but it would have been tons easier and more fun with the Vectrix.  Indeed, if you ride a Vectrix now, you are riding the future - - - my electric transporter generates a crowd wherever I go, is quite good looking and zooms past ALL gas stations with an attitude.  It's NOT a highway cruiser like my Triumph, nor is it meant to be.  It's not got the Harley shake, rattle & rumble but it's not meant to be.  It has me riding my big bikes much less often!!  This is a good thing even with my 6'4" frame at 230lbs rider weight.  I'm glad I have a Vectrix!!


Pros: Zippy Round Town

Cons: Range Price

I was told I was the second person in Ireland to test ride the Vectrix, The first being a reporter who decided to dictate the review on his dictaphone while riding it!!!
Anyway I have been an avid motorcyclist for years and I own an FZR400 and an FZR1000. The Vectrix was a complete, but nice, surprise. I was expecting a very tame ride on a two wheel milk float. Instead, I sat on the scooter and twisted the throttle grip expecting a very sedate movement forward. It took some very sharp reflexes to stop me from hitting the wall which approached much faster than anticipated. So it accelerates well to about 30mph ideal for urban travelling. Manoeverability is good but requires a lot of effort because of the weight of the battery. I felt I had to position my body weight precisely to get the correct angle of attack in to a corner. Flicking from left to right took a lot of effort. Steering was otherwise quite quick and precise, however it is a scooter not a fireblade. Grip from the tyres was alright but I didn't get the opportunity to really test it out as it was a test drive. But, I was confident enough with the grip considering the extra smooth surface I was testing the bike on. Overall I would love to buy one of these if I was to move back into an urban environment and long term, say over a 10 year period this bike would save you money hand over fist. But the initial price is the biggest stumbling block.


Pros: fast,

Cons: price, weight, size, motorcycle lic req

range is severly limited at top speed to 20 miles

too heavy




I'm from Belgium and i have PV Panels on my roof.

The produced elecrticity i use for my home facilities, warming the house with airco-inverter, ... still have electricity left so i bought my an electric vehicle:a VECTRIX

I'm one of the first users of a vectrix in belgium so i'm very interrested in what ather people have to tell about this.

Sorry for my broken englisch because my spoken lange in duch


Vectrix Electric Maxi Scooter

Outstanding Performance * Fast – A top speed of 62 mph (100 km/h). * Rapid Acceleration - 0-50 mph (96 km/h) in 6.8 seconds. * Extended Range – Up to 68 miles (110 km) on a single charge (average speed of 25 mph (40 km/h). The patented throttle-activated regenerative braking system (DAaRT™) helps to extend range by up to 12% by redirecting energy back into the battery during braking. * Excellent Handling – A low center of gravity, a stiff frame, and even weight distribution provide superior handling. Easy to Use * Stop and Go with One Hand – Simply twist the throttle for instant acceleration, and when it’s time to slow down or stop, twist the throttle forward to activate regenerative braking, which slows the Vectrix maxi-scooter smoothly and safely. * Easy to Park – The multi-function throttle also controls a slow-speed reverse function - making it easy to maneuver in and out of tight parking spaces. * No Gear Shifting – The integrated electric motor and single-stage planetary gearbox eliminates the need for a clutch or gear shifting. * Quick to Charge – The on-board charger plugs into any standard 110/220V electric outlet and recharges the battery pack (80% charge) in just over two hours. * Practical – Under-seat storage accommodates a full-sized helmet, and there is additional storage space in the glove box. Cell phones and other electronic devices can be charged from the integrated 12-volt power outlet. * Instant Information – An advanced digital dashboard displays speed, odometer, energy consumption, battery status and estimated range on a central analog display and two LCD’s.

Additional Features
Fuel TypeElectric
Miles per Charge68 miles at 25 mph
Fuel Economy City (MPG)
Release Date
Release Status
Top Speed
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC



Vectrix lowered the price of their newer models as compared to previous models to approximately $8,700.  The cost had previously exceeded $10,000.


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